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Aug 23, 2013 05:47 AM

best Italian restaurant in Totowa or surrounding area

coming in for dinner soon before heading to NYC for a few days. Thx!!

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  1. I like the following but have not been in about 2-3 momnths.

    Bruschetta's in Fairfield

    Calandra Meditterean Grill in Fairfield (in side the Hampton Inn)

    DaVinci's in Wayne (BYOB)

    1. Lunello's in Little Falls is the very best. Also Porcini and Nicola's, both in Totowa, are very good. Lots of old-timers still go to E&V on Chamberlain Avenue in Paterson. Best pizza/lunch specials in Totowa is definitely Dominick's on Union Blvd. Enjoy!

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        1+ for Dominick's pizza, absolutely the best in the area!

      2. I was at Nicola's not too long ago and it was quite good. The cast of characters was vintage Northern NJ Italian!

        1. Agreed...LuNello is the very best in my opinion. I don't think there is anything better. I've heard people say it's "expensive" -- but I don't think so. I've heard people say dish X normally is priced between X and Y and at LuNello it's Z% more...perhaps that is true, but in my opinion, without question, it is worth Z% more! Service is excellent, quality of food, flavor, taste -- everything is excellent.


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            Thank you all for the great replies.. Will decide and reserve.. Hit Newark at 5p on Thurs and want some Jersey home cooking before I move on to the city for a brief vaca! Growing up in Paterson and leaving 40 yrs ago with visits every yr or two has left me out of step with the local area and news. Thx!.

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              Growing up in Paterson and leaving 40 yrs ago...

              In that case, then you need to get back to Patsy's.

              1. re: fourunder

                Funny, never ever made it to Patsy's. Last couple of trips I've been addicted to Dominck's on Union Ave. When I was a kid, Casa Rosa was a regular stop as was a little bar downtown by the name of Silvio's for the best chx parm sandwiches, ever. I grew up in in the E&V neighborhood (tho it wasn't there growing up).

          2. I agree, E&V (Paterson) is another classic, all-time favorite. Good food, reliable, been there a long time and the favorite of many. I've always had a good/very good meal at E&V.