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Aug 22, 2013 11:39 PM

Sweet Grass Dairy of Thomasville, Ga....

Would love to hear comments from anyone that's tasted any of SG's cheeses. Especially their Asher Blue, described as "a bold, intense blue, not for the faint of heart" or their Green Hill, a Camembert-style bloomy cheese. TIA

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  1. The raw milk Asher Blue is a world class cheese. Love the buttery-creamy texture and intense blue-ness. Here's my post from two years ago,

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I've actually ordered the AB to arrive in a week. Have you tasted their Green Hill? I've read several articles online, but few "tasting" reviews.

      1. re: Phoebe

        No, sorry, haven't had the pleasure of Green Hill yet.

        So, has your cheese arrived and how do you like it?

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          My Asher Blue arrived yesterday via igourmet. The more I ate of it... the more I loved it! It is definitely a dense, bold, earthy cheese with great veining. What I liked was that I have yet to taste another blue, like it. You actually taste the grassiness in it. Also had some Bayley Hazen and Point Reyers on hand. Not too shabby.....

    2. I'm lucky enough to live just a few miles from Sweet Grass Dairy. We're probably going to their shop tonight for a glass of wine and snacks. I LOVE Green Hill. I think it's my favorite of their cheeses.

      We went to an event at the dairy when Jeremy was working on what became Asher Blue (Asher is their son). He admitted to mighty struggles achieving consistent results. He took one off the shelf and split it open to show us, saying, "Believe me, you DON'T want to taste this one!" I was thrilled when Asher Blue started winning awards. :-)

      They're opening a restaurant this fall and I can't wait to try it.

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        I've read quite a bit about the dairy and its history. I'm envious that you live so close. I'd love to sign up for one of their classes. You say you loved their Green Hill cheese.... what about the Asher Blue? Describe it if you can.

        1. re: Phoebe

          I like the Asher Blue a lot, but it is quite an aggressive cheese. I don't know the proper term for it, but there is a high proportion of the blue veining in it. I can't eat a lot of it. The Green Hill is so creamy and comforting, I could eat a LOT of it.

          My favorite one just to eat by itself on a cracker or on a sandwich is probably Thomasville Tomme. And the pimento cheese they make with it is amazing.

          My husband (who was a serious cheese hater until I got him to attend and event at SGD and he was embarrassed to be seen refusing the tastings), loves the Black Swan (beer washed).

          I was not a fan of their goat cheeses (which they no longer make) and I don't care much for the plain Lil' Moo spread. I do like the one with herbs (and maybe garlic?) but they don't often have it.

      2. Just saw this tweeted photo of a rib roast cured with Asher Blue . . . wonder what the finished product tastes like.