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Pei Wei Asian Diner in Culver City---- UGH!!!

I know it's owned by PF Chang's. I was attracted to the "idea" that all the food was cooked fresh. WRONG! They get points for having a gluten free menu option, but my sodden potato starch coated chicken was far from "fresh". More likely reheated from frozen. And reheated in gooey, super sweet sauce.
All I wanted was stir fried chicken without wheat or soy, fresh veggies and maybe all in a lettuce cup. Is chicken, veggies and a bit of heat too much to ask? Apparently so. The veggies were fresh, but that's it. Other meals at our table were too salty, too sweet and very mediocre! C'mon folks you can do better!

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  1. I had gone once to the East Pasadena location and decided that was the last time I would go to Pew Wei!

    1. think the point is simply: no, they can't do any better.

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        I think the biggest surprise here is that there was an expectation of quality of any sort. The OP allowed the marketing BS to affect their expectations, which subsequently set them up for disappointment and disaster.

        When I go to these kinds of places (co-workers, etc.), I expect to be served culinary plonk, and on those rare occasions when I am not, I leave delighted. But by and large, my expectations are met, which is to say I went in to the situation eyes wide open with no false expectations. So in the end, I have nobody to blame (except for my co-workers and their disintegrated tastebuds...)

        Mr Taster

      2. Yes, it is pretty wretched, isn't it? I'd venture to guess every dish comes in that sickly sweet sauce..... Mine was supposed to be spicy. It was more sugary than anything else. Awful.

        1. This just in.

          The sky is blue.

          Now onto our regularly scheduled programming.

          1. Pei Wei is a triumph of marketing over food quality.

            1. Nothing worse than wasting your time, money and appetite on a bad meal. Especially when most of the time there's something good within a stones throw.

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                I'd say there's plenty worse than wasting time, money and appetite on a bad meal (racial genocide, for example). But it's certainly something that I'll go far out of my way to avoid doing.

                Mr Taster

              2. I was forced by friends to visit Pei Wei once. We are no longer friends.

                1. The irony is that PFC and PW are both still in business!
                  Both absolutely dreadful.
                  Fast food dreadfull trumps full service dreadful - there is a marketing concept that needs re-thinking.
                  God, when will these people ever learn?
                  But do keep in mind the creatorship - the Fleming organization, the company that created the steakhouse where less is more is still the mantra as I type.
                  But wait, chipotle has a version of SE Asian food coming to a location near you, with a Westwood Village location on Broxton opening any day now.
                  All this in light of the "success" of Panda Express.
                  then you wonder why restaurants in the SG Valley do business - not!

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                    Thank God for Panda Express.

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                      I like Panda Express when in need of a quick meal at Grapevine on I-5 or at O'Hare.