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Aug 22, 2013 10:14 PM

Food and drinks SoMa this Saturday eve. [San Francisco]

Will be in the city this Saturday. I will meet up with two other freinds.Not that paticular of types of food.$10-50 before drinks.There will be three of us. Preferably no res. Looking for ideas for food and drinks before seeing our freinds play their music at the Hotel Utah. I'm also familar with the area and will cab it with other suggestions nearby,that's not a problem.Thanks.Just found out about this.And I'll be in S.F before lunch.

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  1. if you're not particular, how would one suggest a place?

    Price range? Food types enjoyed? Time?

    If your friend goes on at 10 and you want to eat at 8 with no res, that's different from 5:30 hoof over to Utah by 8.

    Like, at 5:30 I'd send you to Zero Zero. At 8 you probably can't get a seat. For 7:30 I'd probably suggest tres agaves, I don't think they tend to fill up.

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      I know it's vague. You have so much to choose from. 8-9 pm. No asian if that narrows it down,3 people,$10-50 before drinks. Can be @ the Utah around10:30. Cab is not a problem. Not looking for a star restaurant. Just a place to have some food and drinks before the show in the area.

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        Coco 500 usually has seats at the bar available. Zuppa is right around the corner and has good pizza and pasta. Both Coco 500 and Zuppa have good cocktails.
        A few more blocks away is South Park Cafe -- again can usually get in w/out a reservation -- or Tres. South Park Cafe might be just beer and wine. Tres is mostly tequila-based cocktails. There's a 6 pm baseball game this Saturday so a lot of the restaurants in that neighborhood will be pretty quiet during the game. (and Tres has first to last pitch happy hour).

    2. South Park Cafe, Mochica, Marlowe, Zero Zero

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        Second for future reference - Zero Zero

      2. Hi there, where'd you end up trying?

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          Well, the afternoon started out with a couple of negrones at Hotel Utah.And we were shuffled around the city for more drinks and food.I don't remember the name of the restaurant wich was near the Cliff House, and serve seafood.I had a wonderful caesar salad with alici on top.Also great service. We ended up at Tommys Joynt around 9:30. I had a corned beef sandwich on rye and the potato salad. It was pretty good for a six dollar sandwich.