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What bakery in Houston sells the best Tres Leche cake?

What bakery in Houston sells the best tres leche cake? Where are they

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  1. Let me first admit that I've never had the Tres Leches from here, but I've had a lot of different things and they are usually pretty outstanding.

    El Bolillo has several locations. I visit the one on Airline across from Canino's.

    Here's a link: http://www.elbolillo.com/

    I would recommend it based on past experiences. I would think that to be as successful as they are, a good Tres Leches would be mandatory.

    While you're on Airline, go next door to Flores' for spices, a block south to Houston Dairymaids for cheese, and another couple of blocks to Teotihuacan for cheese enchiladas.

    It's one of my favorite ways to kill a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

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      Thanks, your comments are very helpful.

    2. The Tres Leches at El Bolillo is very good. I can confidently assert it is the best I've ever had from a bakery since it's the only TL I've ever had from a bakery - I order it sometimes at restaurants, but not that often.

      EB's TL has gotten a lot of props over the years on this board I think.

      I take it you want to buy a whole cake since you're asking about bakeries? You can buy it by the piece at EB any day of the week if you want to taste it before buying a whole one.

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        Thanks, I very much appreciate your response.

      2. HEB bakeries make a pretty TL cake also. Probably not as good as El Bolillo thought.

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          Thank you for your comment, it is appreciated.

        2. I like Alma's on Fallbrook up by the horse track. I don't know if it's the best, but it sure is good. It's a small, family run place.


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            Thanks James, I'll definitely give them a try.

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                  I'm guessing you checked out the website. It says the tres leches is Alma's best cake.

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                    Yes, and I also have printed out a map from mapquest so I
                    take the most direct route. Thanks ,James.

          2. Believe it or not, Ruggles Bakery in the Village

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            1. Just thought I'd add my two cents to the Tres Leches cake recommendartions. My friend has been on a quest to find the best one in Houston. Not sure how many he has tried (many) but after eating the one at El Bolillo, he stopped looking. It was that good.. and truthfully, the price is great. $2.25 for a huge piece and isn't that sweet.

              Radical Eats makes a vegan tres leche which we liked too, but it is completely different than the one from El Bolillo.


              1. Sounds great! I'll definitely give them a try. Thanks!!

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                  And El Bolillo has been named one of the top 50 bakeries in the nation:


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                    I hate El Bolillo. You walk in, grab a basket, join the herd and circle counterclockwise, filling it with tantalizing goodies. Did I mention I love this place, so much to choose from, none of it good for you, I love it.

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                      Makes El Bolillo a "must visit"! Thanks

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                        If there was ever any doubt about El Bolillo, there is none now! They are in very, very select company! Thanks

                    2. We did the El Bollilo vs Mi Tienda Tres Leches taste test this weekend. El Bollilo won. The frosting was the key to the win. Not too sweet. Also, fyi, Mi Tienda's slices are the same price but twice the size!

                      But, if you go to Mi Tienda, their fresh churros are much better than El Bollilo... and Mi Tienda has fresh corn tortillas.


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                        Thanks very much. I have to add Mi Tienda to my list
                        of places to try for their churros!!! Thanks again!

                      2. I'm looking for tres leche cake in west houston, energy corridor. any recommendations?