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Aug 22, 2013 08:52 PM

Henckel handle cosmetic repair

I have a great set of Henckel 4 star knives that I have had over 20 years now. I keep them in a wooden block, and over time, the ends of the poly handles have developed some nicks and scratches from users being less than careful when returning a neighboring knife to the block. Has anyone ever tried to polish out these cosmetic defects? I'm wondering if some sort of polishing compound would take some of the obvious defect out, without ruining the shiny finish of the surrounding part of the handle. Does anyone have any experience to share in this area?

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  1. I haven't done a Henckel handle, but have some experience with synthetic materials.

    Mask off the blade or handle intersection with some blue painters tape.

    Sand out deep scratches with some 1k, 2k wet/dry sandpaper, then use some auto paint/ headlight scratch remover polishing compound, then buff to shine.

    If you scuffed up the blade, just polish it with flitz, jewelry cleaner, etc.

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      I do have some of the headlight scratch remover. I will have to find some fine sandpaper and very gently see how well this works on the gouges. I'm going to go through my drawer and see if I can find a similar handle on a gadget as my guinea pig project first. I'll let you know how it works! Thank you for the suggestion.

    2. Hi, teckelhound:

      With all respect, you're gonna need coarser than 1K or 2K automotive sandpaper to remove anything beyond light scuffs. Either that, or you'll be polishing for weeks.

      For nicks on the edges of the scales, I'd use about 120 grit strips from a shop roll of emery cloth to start. You're going to round off those edges, but IMO that's an improvement. Once you get the deep dings out, I'd start with 600 grit and work finer. You'll prolly not get the shiny new look without a buffer, running at 1700 rpm, loose muslin wheel, pink rouge.

      Unless the above makes sense to you, turn it over to knifesavers (a fellow Hound) or another pro.