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Aug 22, 2013 08:09 PM

Eating in Portland with a two year old ...

My husband and I will be visiting Portland in a few weeks with our two year old. We are looking for great places to eat with her. In sifting through previous posts, suggestions included Paciarino, Nostrana, Local 188, Street & Co or Laurelhurst Market. Are there any other suggestions out there? We will obviously be dining on the earlier side and appreciate that not everywhere is child apropriate. Thanks!

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  1. Hey shmates, you are in for some good eating with your wee one! A word of caution when you're googling though -- you've got three Portland Maine restos in your list so beware!

    We've eaten at Nostrana and Laurelhurst Market. Neither strike me as ideal with a two year old but maybe if you go early...

    Our last trip we had a five year old with us. The first day I tried to pick places that catered to kids (not Chuck E Cheese but just places that had children's meals on the menu) and we were all a bit disappointed. So I switched to picking places that the adults would love and the kid wouldn't stand out. Spints was a giant hit with everyone for brunch and I imagine dinner would be equally good. Guero was a great call for one lunch as there is also a food cart at that pod that does grilled cheese sandwiches and Captured by Porches provides a covered area to eat and drink a good draft beer. Grain and Gristle was perfect as well -- great comfort food, various beers and a casual atmosphere. Also try Evoe for an afternoon snack.

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      Nostrana is fine with kids, always folks with kids there on the early side - but make sure you get a reservation.

      Sunshine Tavern is a good kid-friendly spot, as is Country Cat - and I enjoy the food at both very much.

      Sad news, Spints is closing.

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        Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for the heads up re Portland, Maine - oops!!

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          Okay, that's two of my three favourite places in Portland that have shuttered in the last few months, plus my favourite anywhere in SF. If I hear Evoe is going down, I'ma start feeling personally responsible. So sad we won't have a chance to try Spints again as our next trip isn't till October...which will be too early to try the back-from-the-dead Taqueria Nueve.

          Sunshine Tavern was the place we went with the small that really disappointed us, unfortunately. Child's meal was difficult to eat and the four adults' plates ranged from just okay to pedestrian to nearly inedible. Country Cat was better (previous trip) but not astounding -- perhaps we did not order well.

      2. Always a line of happy families going in here -