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Aug 22, 2013 05:55 PM

A trailer hop

OK, so for my birthday, gonna try to hit a couple of trailers -
starting at Hey, you gonna eat or what? then work back towards Airport area.

Would like to hit places where there are 1-2 other trailers so that my buddies can have options - suggestions? - since starting with a sandwich - want a little variety - really looking forward to trying the Monte Cristo at Hey you Gonna eat or what - Thanks!!!!!!

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  1. el taco rico on vargas is probably the closest trailer to the airport and certainly the best. the quail and barbacoa stand out.

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    1. re: slowcoooked

      Thanks! Looked them up - they look awesome - any other suggestions? Don't necessarily need to be around the Airport area - just no further South from S. Congress area. - Does El Taco Rico have other trailers around it for tasting?

      1. re: Marooba

        They're pretty much a stand alone last I checked. But worth it.

    2. Bananarchy on South 1st would be a fun next stop after you gonna eat. Maybe then over to Way South Philly and all the other trailers (funnel cake!) at 6th and Waller.

      From there, you have to hit Pachamama's Peruvian Creole - some of the best food coming out of a trailer in Austin these days. There used to be 2 or 3 other trailers here but I'm not sure how many have survived.

      El taco rico is a great suggestion if you can make it out that direction. Another one off - Patrizis is serving some surprisingly good Italian food out of a trailer next to the Vortex Theater on Manor Road.

      You could end up at Bud's Po'Boys or Mmmmpanadas at the Mueller Trailer court on Airport.

      Remember that trailers are fickle about their hours. I would research in advance and make sure that they will all be open when you visit.

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      1. re: Alan Sudo

        I forgot - this weekends only market is still around and still serving amazing food -