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Aug 22, 2013 05:48 PM

wire rack for half sheet pan (NOT "nonstick")

I hate all "nonstick" cookware with a white hot passion. I recently bought a half sheet wire rack from Amazon, and I tried to make sure that I was buying a rack which was not "nonstick", but sure enough, it arrived coated with toxic black plastic. It went into the garbage.

Can anyone suggest a good wire rack for a half sheet pan which is NOT "nonstick"?

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  1. <it arrived coated with toxic black plastic. It went into the garbage.>

    You can give it away. By the way, do you have the link of the product you bought?

    Anyway, go to any restaurant supply store and you can get the not "nonstick" baking racks. If you don't want Teflon nonstick racks, then look for chrome coated/plated racks, like these:

    Or you can look for stainless steel:

    1. I second the restaurant supply store- that's where my sheet pans and wire racks came from, and multiple sizes!

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        I double agree. I forgot to say this, but it is obvious. If you go into a physical store (restaurant supply store), then there is no way you can pick out the wrong rack.

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          I did. But only because I bought them at different times. So, what could I do but go back and buy the pan that matched the rack I bought, and vice versa. Bonus- two sets, different sizes!

          1. re: cheesemonger

            Of course, this is another bonus you just eluted to. Recently, I bought the wrong size pan lid from a restaurant supply store. It looked the right size until I bought it home and realized that it is just too big.

            I went back last week and asked for an exchange. They didn't have the size I want, so I exchanged for two wooden bowls.

            It is just easier to exchange items from a local store -- generally speaking. Online exchange is slow, and painful, and often expensive (just the mailing fee)

            Don't get me wrong. I love online stores. I bought many things online. Online stores are great if I know 'exactly' what I want to buy. If in doubt, a physical store is nice.

      2. CIA Masters chrome over steel... looks good... might get that.


        1. Bought mine at a restaurant supply store. I've also seen them at HomeGoods.

          1. I have a stainless steel one that I ordered from sur la table or Williams Sonoma. I love it and intend to get another one.