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Anybody have a real antipasto bar in LA?

I mean something comparable to NY's Trattoria Del Arte. Not a couple of salumi and a few pickled vegetables, but the real thing? I haven't made it to NY this year, and LA's selections seem really weak to me. Trattoria Del Arte's is the gold standard for me, but maybe others know better.

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  1. Il Moro used to have quite an extensive happy hour spread. Nowhere near as good as TDA in NYC, though.

    1. After looking at what your NY place offers I doubt it. There was a piece by Sherry Virbila in the LA Times http://www.latimes.com/features/food/... on this subject that can give some ideas about who does it best out here on the left hand coast.

      1. Marino usually has some stuff. But I'm sure it's not up to New York. Because this is not New York. This is Los Angeles last I looked.

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          I immediately thought of Marino. It used to be that you could go to a huge display in the restaurant and pick and choose which items you wanted them to put on your platter. Now, they have a lot of antipasti in the storefront next door and not on display in the actual restaurant (at least at dinner; a selection of antipasti is part of the lunch menu). But I am sure they would bring you a platter if you requested some.

        2. I've never encountered anything like the antipasto spread at TDA in Midtown here in LA.

          1. There is a cute (translate: mini) antipasti bar at Cafe Angelino (near Cedars-Sinai).

            It's no TDA, trust me. BUT every item I've tried there has been tasty and quality-made.

            Cafe Angelino
            8735 W 3rd St. (just east of Robertson)
            LA, CA

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              If you think about it, the OP is likely to find something more akin to their favorite place in NY at places like AOC http://www.aocwinebar.com/dinner.html or Bar Pintxo http://www.barpintxo.com/ that aren't Italian, but will scratch that "antipasti" itch much more effectively.

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                Thanks--I've been to Angelino but didn't notice the antipasti. I'll make a return visit.

              2. Doesn't Osteria Mozza have one ????

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                    That may just have been my first good call in years.

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                        i guess my call was not good after all.

                        oh, well.

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                        'Fraid not. In the Mozza usage it just means appetizers; not at all what the OP is asking for.

                        Strangely enough, now that I think on it, the only thing even a LITTLE BIT close to Trattoria Dell'Arte's antipasto bar in LA may be the salad bar at Fogo de Chao!

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                          While Trat Del'A does list a lot of veggies on their antipasti menu they also have meats and seafood (plus soups) as part of that selection (see link below).


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                            I believe the OP is speaking more about the physical layout and spread of the bar itself than the menu items, per se. Although the latter does dictate the former to some extent.

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                              The only reason I would say that you aren't right in this case is the part of the OP's post which specifically says:

                              "Not a couple of salumi and a few pickled vegetables, but the real thing?"

                              To me that speaks to the type of food items being offered and not the physical layout. But I've been wrong more times than I can count, so will not be shocked if I'm off base yet again.

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                                By definition, an "antipasto bar" is essentially a bar of small plates of Italian food, where the dishes are laid out in a long table, and diners can pick and choose what dishes they want to eat.

                                At TDA, the bar itself is located in a separate room. If you would like to partake you tell your server that you're going to have the antipasto plate, then go into the antipasto bar room, pick what you want (or let the "bar"tender choose for you) and you pay based on the number of selections.

                                Like you, I could be wrong, but I don't believe I've really come across something like this in greater LA/OC.

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                            Using Marinoto illustrate what I think the OP means, here is a review with a photo of what you might get if you order a selection of antipasti.


                            That plate looks like it has about seven or eight different cold vegetable or bean dishes on it.

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                              In a way the Fogo de Chow salad bar comes close to what I've had in Rome.

                      3. Does the Fogo do Chao in LA (I've been to only the Chicago outpost) have a massive salad/appetizer bar that may qualify for the type of set-up the OP seeks? [And, yes, I realize that Fogo is not an Italian restaurant.]

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                          I have not been to Chicago but FdC is most likely the same in all US locales.
                          I believe that's as close as we are going to come to TDA's spread.

                        2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check them out, but it seems that I won't really find what I want in our provincial little village (hehe). It's been my long-time ritual when arriving in NY after an all-day flight to head over to TDA and feast on the caponata, peppers, pastas, and all those other lovely treats. I do this (a) because it's a fairly light meal, leading to better jetlag sleep, and (b) because it really makes me feel like I've arrived in NY.

                          I enjoyed hearing from those of you who've been there and can appreciate the unique wonders of that room. Your memories of it inspired me anew, so I got out the pictures from my last visit and experienced a little fleeting food porn.

                          You do know, of course, that if you eat antipasti and pasta, they cancel out each other's calories. Happy dining!

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                            If it's a big spread you are looking for, there are some Israeli spots in the valley where they serve you 30 "salads."

                          2. Best one in my memory - in L.A. - was where Sotto is now.

                            There's a decent one at Locanda del Lago for lunch. But if you're expecting one of those wonderful expansive affairs where there a 30 things to choose from - this isn't it.

                            Best I've ever seen was in Sorrento. A place I just stumbled into one day.