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Aug 22, 2013 04:53 PM

Anybody have a real antipasto bar in LA?

I mean something comparable to NY's Trattoria Del Arte. Not a couple of salumi and a few pickled vegetables, but the real thing? I haven't made it to NY this year, and LA's selections seem really weak to me. Trattoria Del Arte's is the gold standard for me, but maybe others know better.

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  1. Il Moro used to have quite an extensive happy hour spread. Nowhere near as good as TDA in NYC, though.

    1. After looking at what your NY place offers I doubt it. There was a piece by Sherry Virbila in the LA Times on this subject that can give some ideas about who does it best out here on the left hand coast.

      1. Marino usually has some stuff. But I'm sure it's not up to New York. Because this is not New York. This is Los Angeles last I looked.

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          I immediately thought of Marino. It used to be that you could go to a huge display in the restaurant and pick and choose which items you wanted them to put on your platter. Now, they have a lot of antipasti in the storefront next door and not on display in the actual restaurant (at least at dinner; a selection of antipasti is part of the lunch menu). But I am sure they would bring you a platter if you requested some.

        2. I've never encountered anything like the antipasto spread at TDA in Midtown here in LA.

          1. There is a cute (translate: mini) antipasti bar at Cafe Angelino (near Cedars-Sinai).

            It's no TDA, trust me. BUT every item I've tried there has been tasty and quality-made.

            Cafe Angelino
            8735 W 3rd St. (just east of Robertson)
            LA, CA

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            1. re: J.L.

              If you think about it, the OP is likely to find something more akin to their favorite place in NY at places like AOC or Bar Pintxo that aren't Italian, but will scratch that "antipasti" itch much more effectively.

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                Thanks--I've been to Angelino but didn't notice the antipasti. I'll make a return visit.