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Aug 22, 2013 04:28 PM

Tickets in Barcelona: reservation time

This will be our first trip to Spain. If I can get reservations for Tickets at 10pm, is this a reasonable time for dinner? Here in NYC that is a bit late to eat but I have done some searches online and it seems like 10pm is a reasonable time for Spain. The other choices were 7pm and 7:30 pm, which I suspect is very early for Barcelona. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    1. I'm hoping you already grabbed that res or it is certainly gone by now. I could only get 7 and it mattered not at all. We ate a light lunch and the place was full.

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      1. re: c oliver

        Thanks. I was just doing a test run today. Tomorrow starts for real.

        1. re: ttoommyy

          Oh good. Grab what you can. I just fell into a res and love every bite.

      2. It is true that locals eat late and 10pm is prime time. But for Tickets, it wouldn't matter as it is fully booked no matter what time, 7 or 10.

        1. Just scored a 9:30 reservation for 10/23. Can't wait! Thanks to all.

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          1. re: ttoommyy

            You are SO going to love it! IMneverHO of course :)

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              I'm hip (and just by saying that you know I really am not), but what is " IMneverHO"?

              1. re: ttoommyy

                In My Never Humble Opinion as in IMHO.

                But are you a hipster?!?

                1. re: c oliver

                  If I were more on the ball tonight I could have figured that out.

                  In about 10 years or so I'll have the potential to be a broken hip-ster!

          2. Will report more when I have time, but just got back to our hotel after dining at Tickets. All I can say is ... Wow! Much better than I ever anticipated! Thanks again for everyone's help.

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            1. re: ttoommyy

              Ooh, goody! I just yesterday sent a chef friend my writeup with pix. I hope you loved it as much as we did. Can't wait to hear all about it!

              1. re: c oliver

                We'll be back home Sunday, so after we settle in, I will report in. Luckily the receipt has a list of all 16 courses we had!
                On a side note, what is the tipping situation here in Barcelona? Having just come from 11 nights in Italy where we hardly tipped, is it the same here? What should I have left last night? The bill was 182 euro for 2 people and of course the service was excellent. Just curious.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  It's been a year and I just couldn't remember but found this on an older Frommer's site:

                  "Tipping always confuses visitors as some restaurants list the 7% IVA (sales tax) separately on the bill. This is not a service charge; in fact, it is illegal for restaurants in Barcelona to charge for service. As a general rule, tips (in cash) of about 5% should be left in cheap to moderate places and 10% in expensive ones. In bars, leave a few coins or round your bill up to the nearest euro.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    I don't know where this 5% 10% rule comes from. Nobody tips in Spain.