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Aug 22, 2013 04:03 PM

Peruvian Restaurant in Harrison???

I've moved to Harrison couple of weeks and I've heard from some friends that their food, sangria and flan are really good, also that they have opened their backyard patio. Does anyone know or has gone there? so I might know what to expect when going there.

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  1. Which Peruvian place are you thinking of? I think there are several in Harrison and more in Kearny. I've heard good things about Sophie's Diner on Harrison Ave. and Oh Calamares! in Kearny, but haven't had a chance to try either. Do report if you go.

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      Sorry, I thought I was on the NJ board, but you meant Harrison, NY, not NJ!

    2. We moved from Harrison a few years ago, but when we lived there it was a go-to neighborhood place for us. Especially for take out. We usually got the roast chicken. Reasonably priced and very tasty. It was BYOB when we lived there so I don't know about their sangria or other bar items.

      1. There's a Peruvian restaurant in Harrison called Quenas on Halstead Ave .... really good, nice environment, family business. We have been there a few times and really liked it. Not aware of the backyard.

        1. Have been to Quenas a couple of times, but not in the past few months Fairly limited menu, but done well, and the folks who run it were really lovely. It's very small, so a nice outdoor space would be a big benefit (as long as the weather holds up -- and rain holds off.)

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            We went there tonight and what a nice surprise, their food tasted fresh and delicious, we loved their service, so attentive and helpful, they even gave us a dessert in a plate beautifully decorated with a drawing, seated on the backyard and was a really nice experienced! I attach the dessert picture.

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              While Acuario and Inca & Gaucho are each excellent in their own ways, Quenas is a much different experience -- more genteel, partially because of the ambience set by the owners, and also, because it is small, doesn't lend itself to large boisterous groups.

          2. If you have a means of travel I'd recommend acuario in port chester for peruvian. Solid food, very reasonably priced and great atmosphere (can get loud at times).

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              Also Inca and Gaucho in Port Chester.

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                I've been in Acuario and Inka Gaucho but they almost always get really loud, we prefered eating peacefully, it is not a place like the regular peruvian restaurants in Port Chester.

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                  Hmmm...I've eaten at Inca and Gaucho at least a dozen times, on different nights of the week (and once for lunch). It was never too loud to have a conversation.

                  My only time at Acuario--and I definitely want to go back for a full meal--was for a very crowded election night gathering. Sound was deafening, but I sure hope most of the time there are fewer people in the place.

                  I've been to a couple Peruvian places in PC that specialize more in rotisserie chickens. Can't remember the names, but one was the nice sort of country house painted yellow on the outside. The other was the one at the major intersection, sort of set apart. I liked both, but it's been awhile since I was at either. Generally I'm in PC (I live almost as far from PC as is possible and still live in Westchester) with family members who want cerviche if we're going to have Peruvian food.

                  But anyway, this thread should be about a Peruvian place in Harrison, which doesn't seem to have a name but merely a pronoun. :)

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                    It does have a name. It's Quenas, as a few posters have mentioned.

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                      Thanks. I didn't see that before. My apologies.