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Aug 22, 2013 03:48 PM

Does anyone have an ahi poke to recommend?

We are looking for a great ahi poke. It would be even better if we can get it at a sushi restaurant that also has an outstanding chirashi. Somewhere in Boston or north of Boston would be preferable. Thanks.

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  1. wow.
    possible, but seems that you are on the wrong end of the north american massif for a proper rendering of this dish.

    No roasted kikui nuts or that special seaweed 'round these parts.

    If you do find it ask if they can whip me up a kahlua pork plate lunch with garlic ono and a double helping of macaroni salad, (or huli huli)

    I miss maui.

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    1. re: hyde

      I'm missing my favorite sushi spot in Atlanta, which did an awesome Japanese version of the ahi poke. Delectable chunks of fresh ahi, avocado, tobiko, sesame seeds, finely minced green onions, with a hit of chili oil and sesame oil. Looks like I need to find a recipe and make my own.

    2. In terms of a traditional poke, you're probably out of luck. However, Uni Sashimi bar has two dishes that could probably hold you over. They have a Tuna Poke on their menu which I haven't tried, but my personal favorite is the Tuna Ceviche, which is in a coconut and lemongrass broth, and the fish is cut poke-style. It's amazing.

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      1. re: calvnhobs6

        While not traditional, I like the version at Blue Ginger in Wellesley.

        "Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna Poke* with Crispy Sushi Rice Cake and Microgreen-Tosaka Salad"

      2. Hiro at Fugakyu used to do a killer poke. IDK if he's still working there though.

        1. At Blue Inc on the Greenway, one of Jason's signature dishes, that I looove, is his Tuna Poke. Great textures with some unusual components like hijiki.

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            I thought about the Gargoyles poke too, but it is not on the menu at Blue, Inc. based on the website at least.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              Yeah, it wasn't available to order a few nights ago either .