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The Pie Commission

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These pies are fantastic! We tried the butter chicken and beef n' beer pies today. The all butter crust is light and flaky.

Check them out.


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  1. I was eyeballing this place as it sure looked good.

    Thanks for the scoop!

    1. Sounds amazing and good pies/pasties are hard to come by. Heading there this weekend to check it out.

      1. Drat! They're not opened on the weekends... that's the only time I'm in the area.

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          No weekends? Sucky. Don't know when I'll be able to get there, then.

        2. My god, that pie was astounding good. Did a u-turn upon spying it on the way to Costco. Braised Beef was slow cooked deliciousness with a few vegetables to accentuate the meaty goodness.
          The crust was salty, flaky, melt in your mouth (puff pastry, I believe). Would have demolished the whole thing in the gas lineup at Costco except that it was perfectly piping hot.

          1. What are the prices like? I don't see anything on their website.

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              I think it was about $7 or $8 and there is a special for side, "The commish". Well worth it.

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                Do you know if they are open weekends yet?

              2. Just noticed this place yesterday while picking up pet food across the street. But really - not open weekends? Are they mainly providing for restaurants or stores in the area?

                1. In a similar vein, I tried these Kanga Pies earlier this summer at a music festival that had food trucks / booths on site: http://meatpiemates.com/the-pie.html

                  They were pretty damned good, so it's nice to see they're getting some regular distribution (Hot Oven Bakery and Sanagan's Meat Locker from the looks of it.)

                  1. Agreed! Pies are fantastic! Tried the butter chicken and also braised beef. Best pies I've had.....ever!

                    1. This article says it will start to open on Saturdays from 12-5pm by the end of September.

                      Also discussing a possible downtown location.


                      1. Just had the braised beef rib pie -- a great pie with the whole mushrooms and chunks of potato or turnip and bits of sweet potato. I got lucky and got a luscious little morsel of braised beef at the end.The crust really stands out with its aroma and has a good level of flakiness.

                        Also bought some frozen (well, fresh because they ran out of frozen) pies -- Vegelicious (the kale pie), the butter chicken, the beef rib, and the beef 'n beer. Can't wait to try the Vegelicious one!

                        FYI, they don't have the Not a Chicken Pot Pie anymore and the Thai Green Chicken Curry Pie wasn't on the menu.

                        1. I finally stopped by this place after shopping at Costco. Got 2 Butter Chicken, 1 Braised Beef and 1 Beef n Beer. So far the Butter Chicken is great. Very good flakey crust and tastey filling. Possibly the best meat pie I've had. Although very price at about $7+tax each. The meat pies from MacMillan Orchard are a better value.

                          1. Tried the Braised Beef Rib Pie, fantastic with Sriracha hot sauce!

                            Also grabbed a suggested Caramel cake -- wasn't that impressed with it.

                            Great value for a lunch time meal. I'll be there a few times for lunch!

                            1. I stopped by last night on my way to Costco (I usually don't shop at that Costco but it was on my way). I saw the sign and I recalled this thread even though I never read any of the posts in here. I was hoping it was "Good reviews" vs. "avoid this place" but I saw some customers waiting for their order and they seemed to really enjoy them from past experiences so I grabbed a Beef Brisket. I am not a fan of eating it in the take out container thing they have (cardboard folds down/etc) but I guess it is a neat design. I will buy some frozen next time I am in the area but I do wish the prices were lower.

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                                  It was quiet good :) haha.. Guess I should have mentioned that

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                                    No worries!

                                    Yeah, I want to go here....

                              1. Don't think the BlogTO write up/pics have been posted here yet:


                                1. Funny, I was thinking of checking this out today, based on the CH recs and then the Toronto Star writeup came out today. She loved it. Hope it won't be overrun -- I just need to try one pie :)


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                                    Delicious! Dropped by this evening and had a butter chicken pie and fries. The butter chicken insides had chickpeas and leeks in the curry. It was the teensiest bit spicy, very flavourful, and totally delicious, although I thought a bit heavy handed on the salt. The pie crust was divine.

                                    French fries were pretty perfect in my opinion. Cute little set-up with the takeout window, and a little difficult to find but well worth looking around for it.

                                  2. I made pea soup and served my pie up as a pie floater. I think I would have preferred a chunkier texture to the pie filling, instead of the ground I got.