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Aug 22, 2013 03:39 PM

Looking for high-quality fruit platters that can be picked up at a grocery store


I just found out that I need to buy fruit plates/platters for 60 people for this Saturday morning. I don't want to have to pay a million dollars and go through a caterer. Can anyone recommend which, if any, grocery stores in the area sell large prepared fresh fruit platters? I have already called the Costcos in Glendale and Marina Del Rey and they just have mixed fruit bowls in syrup, which is not what I'm looking for.

I am located on the Westside of LA but willing to drive a little if need be.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. caveat: normally, fruit platters that i would call "high quality" DO cost a million dollars.

    that said, i'd call up Gelsons in the marina and ask how much they would charge to make some up for you.

    another possible source would be Bristol Farms in westchester.

    don't be surprised if either or both of the above recommendations requires you to pay up front.
    many places don't want to risk getting stuck for so much perishable food.

    i'm surprised about Costco not offering one because i've bought fruit platters from them in the past. that said, i wouldn't call the costco platter "high quality." also, depending upon the hour of the morning that you need the platters, there would have been a possible problem because costco opens fairly late for "breakfast meeting" stuff.

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      Ralph's fresh fare does a nice job. Nothing exotic but nice quality. $29.95. Serves 15

    2. You can get nice pre-cut mango, pineapple and other fruits not in syrup at Costco. I get the cut mango all the time and its good.

      1. Any Whole Foods should be able to do this well.

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          If you'll humor crazy Feed_me. I thought Costco did fruit platters. My sister had to buy one for a work function about a month ago. Not sure which Costco though. Problem is I won't be able to talk to her until it's too late to help you (Sunday). Here's an off the wall idea though. You might try contacting Mateo's ice cream on Sepulveda in Culver City. I'm pretty sure they are open from about 8 am to about 9 pm-ish. They have containers of cut up fruit for sale, but they deal in a lot of fruit for their ice cream business. You might contact them to ask if they can do what you need. It's a relatively small business, so you might have to leave a deposit. Not sure I can claim any of the places I mention are "high quality," and Mateo's only deal with certain types of fruit (melons and tropical stuff). Nothing like stone fruits.
          Just found the brochure. 310-313-7625. 4929 S. Sepulveda, Culver City 90230.

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            Never had a fruit platter feom Mateo's but their fruit is typically very good and a bargain.

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              I don't know if Mateo's does fruit platters, but small businesses like them I think would jump at the chance to expand their business. Also when I've bought their lunch sandwich package I've noticed the fruit like the orange is cut into a decorative style. I presume the OP has already made their choice. The reason i didn't suggest Edible Arrangements is a few people have told me it's nice, but pretty expensive. I did happen to talk to my sister and she told me she didn't buy a fruit platter from Costco, so on that I was mistaken.

              1. re: Feed_me

                a couple of times when i've tried Edible arrangements it seemed like some sort of sugar syrup or something similar had been used to intensify the sweetness of some of the fruit.. . .

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                  westsidegal, that's interesting what you mention about Edible Arrangements. I've never had the opportunity to munch on one of their platters, but it's conceivable it would have some preservative function to maintain the cut fruit.

                2. re: Feed_me

                  Mateo's would be a good gamble. The OP seemed to want something not so institutional, and Mateo's usually has lots of tropical fruits on hand. For example, my son really likes mamey, and they often sell it sliced in clamshells.

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                    when my daughter went to preschool near mateo's i loved it.
                    that was a long time ago, though

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                      The OP never said what they ended up doing. I was in Mateo's (Culver City) and saw one of the guys I've seen there for years. I assume he might be the manager or somebody with some authority. Unfortunately, initially he didn't seem to quite grasp my question however I thought I detected some gears whirring as he thought about my question. He said something about $30 and I think 3 sizes. If anybody is interested and fluent in Spanish maybe they could ask if they do have such a service. Not to put the blame on him, maybe I didn't explain my question well enough.

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                        OP here - what I ended up doing was just buying a bunch of berries and black grapes from Costco in MDR and doing berry fruit salads which everyone enjoyed. I was disappointed that the only other precut "fresh fruit" that Costco had was drenched in either syrup or juice (melon, papaya, etc.) I know there are some Costcos out there that offer fruit trays, but the ones in MDR and Glendale did not have these (and didn't seem to offer them at all).

                        Also, for what it's worth, this was a lot cheaper than anything Whole Foods/Gelsons/etc. would be charging.

            2. Do you have a Cardenas mexican market close ? Pretty much any large mexican mart chain. You will get nicely cut fruit at a low-cost but then will have to arrange. 5.99 a lb and i can pick and choose from what they have. High turnover too so its very fresh. You just have to make it pretty

              1. Gelson's and Whole Foods will make large & lovely fresh fruit platters. Call the catering department.