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Aug 22, 2013 03:01 PM

Quick Visit - need to narrow down some choices

At the risk of tempting another hurricane (any my record on this has been particularly abysmal), I've scheduled a quick trip to New Orleans over Labor Day weekend (arriving Thursday evening, in time for dinner) and departing Sunday afternoon (allowing enough time for a breakfast/brunch, so long as I'm at the airport by 1pm). So I've got 3 dinners, 2 lunches and 1 breakfast/brunch. This is probably my 6th visit, so I've been to a lot of the usual suspects. I'd also like to keep this pretty close in to the CBD/FQ (staying at Poydras/Tchoupitoulas), since it's such a short trip. Here are my current thoughts. Any thoughts on these, or other ideas that won't take me too far out of my desired geography, would be appreciated!! I eat most anything, though prefer seafood. I will be dining alone, so prefer someplace that's a little lively.

Lunches: Cochon Butcher (I've never had a muffaletta, and commentators seem to say theirs is better than Central Grocery); Antoine's; Muriel's; Criollo.

Dinners: Pelican Club (Fitzsimmons raves about it, but it doesn't get much love on this board); Iris; Vacherie; Peche; Revolution; Bombay Club.

Sunday Breakfast/Brunch: EAT; Sylvain. (On Fri/Sat, I will probably just having something light so as not to spoil my appetite for lunch.)

Drinks: Swizzle Stick; Kingfish; French 75.

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  1. Pelican club is great go. good list nothing wrong here at all.

    1. Have you been to Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt? It's just outside the Quarter and is incredible for a swanky cocktail. And if you're in need of a snack, the happy hour 1/2 price pizzas at Domenica are an amazing bargain; just make sure you get there when it starts around 3 p.m. It becomes a total madhouse later on.

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        I have been to the Sazerac Bar. What a great space! I also had the good fortune on a prior trip to stay at the Pere Marquette when Chris McMillian was tending bar there. That's what is tempting me to try Kingfish. Would love to try the pizza at Domenica, but since I'm by myself, there is little chance of me having enough appetite to have lunch, then a pizza at 3 and then dinner. Although I'm scheduled to run 11 miles on Friday morning (training for a half marathon), so maybe.....

      2. Had dinner at Peche a week ago Monday. WOW.....people complain about the noise level but I was so into my Wood Grilled Red Fish I didn't hear anything! Loved the bar at Kingfish also (they have a Happy Hour) and second the suggestion on the Sazerac Bar. Have fun!

        1. I would switch out Antoine's for Galatoire's. G is the standard for gracious, New Orleans dining and Antoine's is not getting much love lately, in fact flamed in a local blog. I have not been there post Katrina, but even back then it was a horrible disappointment.

          1. Antoine's and Muriel's are both frankly borderline tourist traps. Peche is wonderful, though the wood grilled fish is meant to be shared and not portioned for a single diner (there are still very good small dishes to enjoy). You might also want to consider places like Herbsaint and Mila in the CBD. If you go down into the Marigny, Three Muses is a fun place for small plates and often good music. Farther down in the Bywater if you find yourself walking down that way is Maurepas Food.

            By the way, just because you're going to grab a muffaletta at Cochon Butcher doesn't mean you should write off eating at Cochon itself. They are quite different experiences - the first is basically a sandwich shop, the second a casually upscale Cajun restaurant with both a regular bar and a food bar for single diners.

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            1. re: CampStreet

              Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to visit places to which I have not yet been, before going back again. I have been to Galatoire's several times (love it - who wouldn't), Cochon, Herbsaint and Mila. I thought perhaps Vacherie might be worth trying since there are not that many Cajun places (have also been to Bon Ton). As for Antoine's, I understand from various blogs that it has recovered from its pre-K low-point, and I thought it would be worth trying for its historical importance and architecture (and just going for lunch anyway). Pretty much the same thinking about Muriel's. But if the food is just not good, then I should rethink. Peche does sound like a winner.

              1. re: ClevelandRandy

                Muriel's is worth going to. Not great but good with great atmosphere and a decent bar. Antoine's has been getting a few mixed reviews which is better than the years of negativity. I've had both experiences there.

                Take a Fitzmorris review with a grain of self interest.

                Everyone is talking up the Kingfish bar, and with Chris M there they should. The drink list and beer list is quite good. I had lunch there as a 4 top and the group I was with always shares plates so everyone gets a sample. Almost everything was not good. The two main hits were over seasoning, both way too hot and too salty (and this from diners that generally go for hot and salty) and one dish that just did not work (unanimous opinion)
                I'll give it another try but would like to hear others experiences

                1. re: ClevelandRandy

                  Cleveland Randy,

                  I think you would do the board a service if you visit Antoine's and report back. Yes, there is some negative chatter, but likewise reports of positive experiences, and we get precious little information that is recent and first-hand.

                  I agree with collardman that Muriel's is worthwhile, especially at lunch. After your meal, be sure to poke around upstairs and visit the seance room.

                  I think your list is very good. Looking forward to your trip report afterwards.