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Cronuts Without The Line Here In NJ!

I first discovered this place while surfing FB, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Boy, am I glad that I did! The name of this place is called DOCO ( The Donut and Coffee Company) and is located at 5015 Rte 33 & 34 in Farmingdale, NJ. They're not too far from Collingwood Auction & Flea Market. Their concept is kind of like Fractured Prune, but they are much better. All donuts are made to order. Yes, you read this right! Fried on the spot! They also sell cronuts for $3! It was delicious, and what made it even better was there wasn't any line. The inside of this cronut was very much like the insides of a croissant! There were 2 types of filling available for the cronuts: chocolate moose and cannoli. Mmmmmm! I got to be careful and not overeat! Haven't gotten a chance to try Dominique Ansel's yet but I'm sure DOCO is real close. Service was very friendly. They sell cider donuts, too. All donuts are 1.20 each. They have many varieties to choose from. I read that their coffee is good, too. But, I haven't tried that yet. Daughter is begging to go back . :). No more Dunkin' Donuts for me!

5015 Route 33/34
Farmingdale, NJ 07727


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  1. Pictures of menu

    1. I thought.. I bet it's in that spot where so many restaurants have failed before it.. and I was right. I wish them luck, though. The problem with that location is you're on top of it before you realize it (if you're not looking for it), and then it's too late to turn in.. and it's a long way back around, unless you know the shortcut, as I do. :) I've seen at least 5 or 6 restaurants in there over the past few years. It's just a tough spot.

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        Yes, I agree with you about the location. It's very close to the rotary circle. I almost got into an accident with a truck! Still, I really hope that they make it. It's different from everything else around here.

      2. Just back from an early cronut run. Had one with raspberry and chocolate glaze. So light and yummy! It was gone before I knew it. Glad I took my diabetes meds this morning.

        Nice find. Thanks for the heads up.

        1. Thank you for posting this information, wench.* It's not that far for me to go for freshly made donuts. The cronuts are like icing on the whole thing.

          *I kinda feel like I need to apologize for that.

          1. Thanks for the heads up on DOCO without your review I would not have thought of pulling in( have to concentrate on the upcoming roundabout,circle or whatever they call that mess) I had a cannoli cronut,Boston creme cronut & raspberry donut warm and very tasty.I now have a new donut place

            1. Nothing so grand as a Cronut Chowdown, but my daughter and I will be at DOCO next Friday morning, 8/30/13 at 10:00 for some fresh ones. I know it's the start of a holiday weekend, but we are staycationing and DOCO/Collingswood is on our agenda for Friday.

              So.... if anyone wants to join and make it a donut party, come on down. Or, if you care, you can email me at:
              and I will keep you in the loop in case our timing/plans change.

              1. OK. So, recently, on a late morning where me and Mrs. Z couldn't stand being in our little Shore enclave with the hordes of tourists and the "slowly closing in" feeling that occurs near the end of every Summer, we decided to head out to Grounds for Sculpture to goob at things, both natural and artificial, that would remove our minds from where they were. Peace and Transcendence were the goal.

                On the way, thanks to Wench, we made a turnaround and stopped in DOCO. It was worth the detour. The Cronuts were as good as any pastry I have had before. They were the parallel to coffee and sweet late breakfast that is going home with that plastic, Playboy blonde you wished you had taken a picture of to show your buddies. "Oh, God, she was so hot!"

                But, the DONUTS. The DONUTS. Those, magic, beautiful, cakey donuts. Glorious. A warm epiphany. Gentle, just sweet enough, but with an edge of excitement and bitter, savory, spicy, delectability that were the equivalent of that mind-changing brunette you couldn't wait to call seventeen minutes after she left in the morning - her scent still perfumin' your nostrils. The kind of pastry that you have always wished met you with a cup of black Kona every morning, except for those times when she knew enough to make way for a Bloody Mary first.

                The Grounds were once again inspiring. We even stopped at DeLorenzo's on the way back for a post wanderin' pie. So, so good a way to go. Tomato Pie - enough said, right? (In fact, the place is so close, that I couldn't help think how cool it would be to do a DeLo's catered event for 'hounds at the picnic spots at the Sculpture site. (Don't worry, we'll get jrv to pay for the food.)).

                Bottom line, there's good stuff to do on Route 33. Hell, apparently, there's even a solid Mexican grill in a gas station. I mean, I can't think of any other more beautiful culinary crossroads for the Mercer/Mon/OC Burning Man, you know?

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                1. My husband stopped here a couple weeks ago to pick up donuts for work and try the cronuts. He said the donuts were fantastic. Everyone at work loved them.

                  The cronuts he brought home and we split. They were only offering three kinds that Friday morning, a plain sugared, a chocolate pudding with chocolate chips and a cannoli. Mind you the "filling" is on top, not inside. We judged them good, but not fantastic. The cannoli was better than the pudding. I have to say they were less like croissant and more airy like wagon wheels. As we have not yet had Ansel's, we cannot compare the two. They are smaller than the donuts, and $3.00 a piece. Because they are made to order there were no premade pastries to assist you in making your choice of flavors. You have to just wing it.

                  My husband recommends sticking with the donuts.

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                      I would agree, the doughnuts are great. The croughnuts were good but I don't get all the rave over them. The doughnuts are way better

                      For those that are croughnut crazy, La Dolce, the italian bakery in Old Bridge in the strip mall just North of A&P on the north side of 9 is now selling croughnuts. Have not had them yet so can't vouch for them yet.

                  1. Had to put in my 2 cents.

                    If you are there to eat one fresh out of the fryer, get a cronut - I suggest the raspberry glaze with no filling. They are amazing fresh.

                    If you want to take something home, even if you only live 30 mins away, get some donuts. They keep much better.

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                      Yeah, to me, a fresh, hot cronut or two should be the reward for bein' the guy who goes to pick up the box(es) of donuts..