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Aug 22, 2013 02:54 PM

Cronuts Without The Line Here In NJ!

I first discovered this place while surfing FB, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Boy, am I glad that I did! The name of this place is called DOCO ( The Donut and Coffee Company) and is located at 5015 Rte 33 & 34 in Farmingdale, NJ. They're not too far from Collingwood Auction & Flea Market. Their concept is kind of like Fractured Prune, but they are much better. All donuts are made to order. Yes, you read this right! Fried on the spot! They also sell cronuts for $3! It was delicious, and what made it even better was there wasn't any line. The inside of this cronut was very much like the insides of a croissant! There were 2 types of filling available for the cronuts: chocolate moose and cannoli. Mmmmmm! I got to be careful and not overeat! Haven't gotten a chance to try Dominique Ansel's yet but I'm sure DOCO is real close. Service was very friendly. They sell cider donuts, too. All donuts are 1.20 each. They have many varieties to choose from. I read that their coffee is good, too. But, I haven't tried that yet. Daughter is begging to go back . :). No more Dunkin' Donuts for me!

5015 Route 33/34
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

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  1. Pictures of menu

    1. I thought.. I bet it's in that spot where so many restaurants have failed before it.. and I was right. I wish them luck, though. The problem with that location is you're on top of it before you realize it (if you're not looking for it), and then it's too late to turn in.. and it's a long way back around, unless you know the shortcut, as I do. :) I've seen at least 5 or 6 restaurants in there over the past few years. It's just a tough spot.

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        Yes, I agree with you about the location. It's very close to the rotary circle. I almost got into an accident with a truck! Still, I really hope that they make it. It's different from everything else around here.

      2. Just back from an early cronut run. Had one with raspberry and chocolate glaze. So light and yummy! It was gone before I knew it. Glad I took my diabetes meds this morning.

        Nice find. Thanks for the heads up.

        1. Thank you for posting this information, wench.* It's not that far for me to go for freshly made donuts. The cronuts are like icing on the whole thing.

          *I kinda feel like I need to apologize for that.

          1. Thanks for the heads up on DOCO without your review I would not have thought of pulling in( have to concentrate on the upcoming roundabout,circle or whatever they call that mess) I had a cannoli cronut,Boston creme cronut & raspberry donut warm and very tasty.I now have a new donut place