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Aug 22, 2013 02:41 PM

Portuguese Natas (custard tarts?)

Does anyone have a source for them? aside from nado's peri peri. A bakery or grocery store?

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  1. Bread Corner in Rockville has them.

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    1. re: comestibles

      Thanks. Will check it out this weekend.

      1. re: hamster

        I second Sweet Diablo for the Portuguese style. Bread Corner all the way for the Macau style.

      2. I loved these. I think Nando's does a good version

        1. I oddly enough saw fresh custard tarts advertised in Chinatown on H Street, via handwritten sign, yesterday. I think it was Chinatown Garden.

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          1. re: wilbanks

            wilbanks- these will not be the same: firmer custard, non-flaky pastry, imo not so yummy.

            1. re: curioussheridan

              i agree. not as tasty, i think most places that have them, it's chinese variety.
              i thought a european-style bakery would have them. i sometimes get them in newark (too far), or make them (too time consuming). need them for a sunday dinner surprise.

              1. re: curioussheridan

                The type of pasty on Chinese egg custards depend on who makes them. At dim sum places like China Garden they have the flaky crust and the soft custard, sometimes burnt on the top.

                The Chinese egg custards are descended from the Portuguese natas which are very popular in (the former Portuguese Colony of) Macau.

            2. A & H Grocery in Bethesda has them. It's on Bethesda Ave. next to the Crab Shack and Mercedes dealership. It's a good source of all things Spanish and Portuguese, as well as fish and seafood.