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Aug 22, 2013 02:37 PM


Can someone please explain why one of the most popular features of this site is coming to an end? Why has James Norton been fired?

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    1. re: paulj

      I follow him on FB. He announced today that his segment has been cancelled and he is looking for employment.

        1. re: Jambie

          that page is gone off of twitter

      1. Very sad indeed. I wrote before that I thought James Norton's reviews are great. Maybe because he was asking for a high price and the negotiation failed? Maybe CHOW saw James compete with its own reviews?

        I remember seeing James' cookware review (of the banana cutter) and I said it is better than CHOW's official review.

        1. Huh, I had no idea that being Supertaster was a paid job. Shows how much I know! I did enjoy watching it, though.

          1. I loved Supertaster.
            My heart goes out to him.
            He just had a new baby for godsakes.

            1. This is horrible news! Honestly I'd never seen or heard of Supertaster until I saw these posts but I've just watched a few of JN's reviews and I'm smitten. He's professional, articulate, engaging, charming and informative.

              I'm really sorry it's under these circumstances that I've discovered him and can only imagine there will be bigger and better things ahead for this very talented guy.

              Shame on you Chow for not promoting this jewel in your crown so more of us could have enjoyed his reviews!