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Aug 22, 2013 01:55 PM

best cooked lobster take out in Eastham or Orleans?

We want to order some cooked lobsters for take out (serving it a home while the kids get hot dogs). We are in South Eastham. Nauset fish market, Friendly fisherman, Mac's, arnolds are all nearby. Any preferences?

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  1. They should all be decent. Personally, I'd cook them myself. There's nothing to it. But short of that, I'd choose the closest to you as they will be rather cold by the time you get them home. I'm guessing Arnold's will be the most expensive, probably by a bunch, whereas the fish markets will just charge by the pound.

    1. we used to do take out lobsters from the Eastham Lobster pool and they did a great job but closed a few years ago-it is now Stewarts-attachched to Stewarts is a market run by Macs and they do cooked lobsters but not sure what time they close-Friendly Fisherman also but not sure what time the market there closes either.Me and my group also stay in Eastham each year and will be there next week.Catch of the Day and tne mentioned Nauset Market are optons-agree with CapeCodGuy about doing the markets.

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      1. We think the Boathouse Fish Market in Wellfleet (near the harbor) is worth the drive from Eastham. We've never been disappointed.