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Aug 22, 2013 01:51 PM

Where in Chicago can I buy Double Rainbow Soy Cream?

I used to purchase Double Rainbow Cinnamon Caramel Soy Cream at the Jewel/Osco in Evanston on Howard & Kedzie Sts. They no longer seem to stock it. Is there anywhere in the metro Chicago area that has it for sale?

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  1. Their shop locator does not show any locations here:

    I suspect that you saw it at Jewel because it has a large dedicated Kosher section so they musty have ordered it specifically for that location.

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    1. re: ferret

      Yes, I already tried the company's web site, but there's not 1 Illinois location, with Michigan & Ohio being the closest ones listed.

      Yes, I also know that that Jewel/Osco has a lot of kosher items. They've got a kosher deli in addition to their regular deli, a kosher bake shop in addition to their regular bake shop, a fresh kosher meat market, & a fresh kosher fish market in addition to their regular meat & fish markets.

      I really enjoy this flavor and the fact that it's pareve.

      1. re: KA2CSH

        I wasn't trying to tell you about Jewel's features, just speculating on why they were the only location in the state to carry it - because their buyer likely sources more broadly than most.

    2. I went to the Howard & Kedzie Jewel in Evanston this last week & found it back in stock. I bought 2!