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Aug 22, 2013 01:47 PM

Cooking with chile peppers - ideas?

I have a few pounds of chiles (jalapeno, fresno, and serrano mostly) and I do not want to make hot sauce, salsa, or infused vinegar/oil. I want to make something that is vegetarian and heavy on the chiles. Does anyone have any good ideas or recipes?

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  1. I'll be stuffing some small poblanos tonight, are your jalapenos and fresnos large enough to stuff? I'm not vegetarian so I'm using meat, veggies and cheese but you could easily switch that up to use what you prefer. You can bake them with or without a sauce.

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      I was going suggest stuffing them too.

      If they are on the small side you could stuff them with cream cheese, roll in bread crumbs and bake- almost like poppers.

    2. Make a bean based chili with all your lovelies. Fresh chunks of ripe tomatoes, several different types of onions, perhaps some beer if you drink, fresh cilantro, smoked paprika if you can find it, celery, garlic, Mexican oregano, just a dash of cocoa powder and finish it with fresh lime juice. Methinks it would be yummy. : )

      1. I recommend you try a version of the confit in this recipe - add a few sweet peppers or some slightly sweetening agent - it's a lovely confit for meat or fish or pasta. The recipe calls for too much olive oil, so I'd reduce it. Hm. I may try this myself.
        Of course leave out the chicken.

          1. Stirfry, good and spicy.