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Hello Chowhounders,

I'm looking for a place that does a great job with duck, but not Peking Duck. I live near the south eastern end of Culver City, the closer to my stomping ground, the better.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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  1. Always liked the duck at Spago.

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    1. re: Thor123

      Pretty sure they don't have it anymore, but WP 24 probably does.

      Bucato has a nice leg of duck

      1. re: Ciao Bob

        Actually, I believe Spago will do it off the menu. Great dish.

        1. re: Thor123

          Thor, hows the duck in the Glen Center that you mentioned a few times ???????????????

          1. re: kevin

            I like it a lot. They do Peking and Tea Smoked Duck.

        2. re: Ciao Bob

          there was a great pair of duck legs at Amuse Cafe on Main St but that's now long gone.

      2. Sun Ha Jang
        4032 W Olympic Blvd

        korean bbq duck - all sorts of fun with the duck fat too

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        1. re: jessejames

          Especially if you get the spicy variety

          1. re: jessejames

            Went there last night after seeing it in the LA Weekly's "Best of." Holy duck fat, was that good!" Got the spicy and the regular. The fried rice made in the duck fat at the end was life-changing!

            1. re: jesstifer

              Awesome. Nice pics. U need a side of stridex oxy pimple pads with that rice. Just returning from greenblatts w 2 lbs of pastrami! Well now 1 and a half.

              1. re: jessejames

                no offense, JJ, but i hit up the pastrami from Greenblatt's recently (though it was close to 130am in the morning suffice to say) but i found it to be not unctuous and super delicious and quite rubbery.

                though it's been some time i've had pastrami too.

                just saying.

                but maybe it's possible i had a bad batch.

                oh, shit, i don't want to start a pastrami war. :)

                1. re: kevin

                  No war
                  This stuff was tender and juicy as hell like it always is. Been a while since I've been there 130 am!

          2. I think you are looking for what I've been looking for. Good roast duck with crispy skin. Back east it was roast Long Island duckling with wild rice and brandy cherry sauce. Is that it? Good luck. Let me know if you find it. Maybe the Dal Rey. Not exactly Culver City.

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            1. re: Baron

              I have not had a non-Chinese duck worth a damn in LA, other than the Puck version that used to be at Spago, and that was pretty much a Chinese variant. The French/East Coast crispy 1/2 Duckling with a fruit based sauce so ubiquitous there has flown the coop here.

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Spago does still do it, but its off the menu. You need to call and request it 48 hours in advance. Its one of their classic dishes and really good. I am not a fan of the new Spago, but am of the duck!

              2. re: Baron

                Thanks, it doesn't have to be Culver City, just the closer to home the better, but I am willing to drive

                thx ng

                1. re: engie

                  I see that Taix in Echo Park has Duck L'orange with wild rice on Sat night. I think Ciao Bob is right. Roast duck is out of fashion.

                  1. re: Baron

                    Unfortunately Taix's duck is very inconsistent, and even when at the top of their form, not particularly great; my wife, who's never met a non-Asian duck prep she didn't like, sadly confirms my view. She's much happier with Beaujolais' (Eagle Rock) duck breast.

                    1. re: Baron

                      I have always enjoyed Taix's duck l'orange served with wild rice. I think it's a once a week special.
                      I disliked the roast duck I ordered at Warchava. It was fatty, rubbery and inedible.

                2. I have not been to any of these, but here's a list of LA places with duck confit on the menu..... I would call them to verify before going. Sorry it's not just crispy skinned duck, but it looks as though some have other preps like seared duck breast....

                  1. Scarpetta Beverly Hills has a wonderful Lavender Honey Glazed Duck Brest.

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                      1. re: wienermobile

                        Maybe we caught them on an off night, but we had this duck breast at Scarpetta just last week and it was the most poorly done of the dishes we ordered.

                        We ordered several appetizers, pastas, and this entree, making our own tasting menu of sorts.

                        The kitchen was kind enough to split the duck to two plates, but we both thought it strange that the breast was cut in half longitudinally instead of being sliced the shorter way.

                        This may have played into our overall enjoyment of it, because the duck seemed difficult to eat, a bit tough, and the sauce was flat-tasting - I'd liken it to teriyaki.

                        Overall the rest of the meal was very nice, but I would not order the duck there again, and I normally LOVE duck!

                      2. Hinoki and The Bird has duck. Have not tried it.

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                        1. re: Thor123

                          The duck is not one of their better offerings. It's just sort of a breast of duck, grilled. Sitting there.

                          You would probably think it was something Craig's prepared.


                        2. The Dal Rae in Pico Rivera has Roast duck L'Orange it on their menu.

                          1. Warszawa on Lincoln in Santa Monica serves duck and it is very good.


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                            1. re: New Trial

                              Thanks Counselor. I've been wanting to try this place for years.
                              It's been around for ever. Were you there recently? And can you tell us more about Warszawa? Thanks.

                              1. re: Baron

                                A bunch of us tried both Polka (in or next to south Glendale) and Warszawa some years ago; the former presented the foods of those who worked the fields and foraged in the forests, while the latter offered foods of those who owned the fields and forests. Lots of mushrooms and pickles and root vegetables, pork at Polka; wild boar, beef, fish and venison at Warszawa. Potatoes everywhere. We ate a lot of the small dishes with drinks at Warszawa, and then had entrées, and swapped bites. At this distance I don't remember exactly what mine was but it was delicious. I do remember having bacon-wrapped prunes with my vodka!

                                None of us eats quite like that any more, can't really afford it, and dinner in SM when your bed's in Pasadena isn't our bag anymore, but if the opportunity presented itself I'd be there in a minute. I'll add that it's also a very welcoming place, despite the rather formal look.

                                1. re: Will Owen

                                  This reminds me: how is Polka in Eagle Rock, or is it the glendale corridor ????

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    It's on Verdugo at York, as I recall. It's been years since we were there last, but we have been I think three times. I liked it because it's not German, but close enough to my own Soul Food plus mushrooms! Mrs. O and our Asian buddies liked it okay, but complained that most of the food came in was shades of brown or white, except for the occasional carrot and of course the salad. It's friendly, a little difficult to navigate because the tables are really packed in there; it feels like some turned his living room into a restaurant. No alcohol at all, I think. Google it and see if it's still there - I seem to recall they had an online menu, but I remember lots of things that never happened.

                                  2. re: Will Owen

                                    Thanks Will. Sounds like this place serves some hearty food and works well when the weather cools off and I rave something that "sticks to the ribs." I just went to their website and the picture of the roast duck sure looks good. Will give it a try. :)

                                    1. re: Baron

                                      Food is still good. Although the original couple who opened Polka have long since relocated back to Poland, their nephew is the current owner and is doing his best to maintain the integrity of the food...

                                    2. re: Will Owen

                                      I'm intimately familiar with Warszawa - lifelong customer. Were you saying you had wild boar and venison there? I know they don't offer those on the menu, unless were they offered as specials? Curious. Thx

                                    3. re: Baron

                                      I'm not there too often--last visit was about six months ago-- but really lovely people and delicious food. In addition to the duck, the bigos (hunter's stew) is very good as are the pierogis, the bacon-wrapped prunes and the lamb dumplings. The paprikash was fine but a little too refined. I have only had the schnitzel there once and found it too dry even with a generous squeeze of lemon.

                                      1. re: New Trial

                                        Thanks again. If Warszawa's duck is like that pictured on their website, I should very happy.

                                      2. re: Baron

                                        I was there last night for the first time in years and had the duck. The skin was crispy and delicious, but the "white meat" was just a tad, I mean really just a tad, on the dry side, but still very good.

                                    4. Beer Belly at 5th and Western, Los Angeles.
                                      Duck fries are spectacular. Duck Dip is spectacular. Duck everything and everything else on the menu is just great.

                                      1. Dha Rae Ok on Western serves a slow roasted duck that is stuffed with rice, dried fruit, and other things. The meat is juicy and incredibly tender.

                                        You have to order it a day in advance because I think it takes them hours to cook it.

                                        1. Try Osteria Mozza for some fabulous Roast Duck

                                          1. maybe papille's in hollywood?

                                            1. Just for grins I looked on Taix's menu, and it's the Saturday special @ $19.95, Duck à l'Orange with wild rice.

                                              Le Petit Café in SM used to have a very good duck confit on their lunch menu - $14 I think it was. Hasn't been offered the last couple of times I was there. And then of course there was the fabulous two-legs-with-frites at the late lamented St. Amour, utterly perfect and well worth the $18 or $24, can't remember which and don't care. Still in mourning.

                                                1. Roast Duck, Brigten's, best in the world.

                                                  1. just went to nanjing kitchen and had nanjing salted duck for the first time this past week. it's a drive for you, but if you're in the west SGV you might consider giving them a try. salty, but not excessively so and with a thin layer of fat that never devolves into a greasy texture.

                                                    (nanjing is the other place in china that serves a famous duck recipe but no one outside of china is typically aware of it)

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                                                    1. re: barryc

                                                      Same joint located in roughly the same minimall as luscious dumpling with the packaged Saran wrapped styroafams filled with The cold salted duck ??????

                                                      If so I've tried it years ago. Definitely over a half decade ago.

                                                      Half bad.

                                                        1. re: jessejames

                                                          It's definitely refrigerator cold.

                                                            1. re: jessejames

                                                              It's an austere, esoteric, monkish dish for lack of a better term.

                                                              Very simple. Nothing like other preparations. It must be said.

                                                              Go and try it out. Now.

                                                              1. re: kevin

                                                                the proprietor told me that people show up early on the weekends as they sell out quickly.