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Aug 22, 2013 12:58 PM

Best hamburger rolls in Austin?

I'm looking to try some different varieties of freshly made burger rolls. If anyone can recommend any to me that would be awesome.

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  1. Whole Foods makes a nice buttermilk hamburger bun. Central market has an awesome one too but I can't recall the twist they have to them.

    1. It depends so much on what sort of burger you are after. I your goal is a classic Texas burger, I'd go with ButterKrust. If you are branching out, I like the less sweet approach and lean toward a Kaiser. I like CM's.

      1. Does anyone know where I can find pretzel buns?

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        1. re: Rice Checks

          Whole Foods has them. I don't like them for burgers though. Works better for cold cuts.

          1. re: Rice Checks

            Easy Tiger has pretzel buns. Gotta ask for it since it's not on display.

            1. re: Rice Checks

              CM often has pretzel buns. I've seen both hot dog style and round.



              Brioche Burger Buns. Amity uses the same kitchen that Dai Due uses behind the Enterprise Car Rental near 5th and Lamar.

              1. Check out the Kolache Shoppe (formerly Kolache Creations) over behind Dallas niteclub on burnet. They make fabulous slightly sweet hamburger and hot dog buns. Fans of Man Bites Dog will recognize the hot dog buns, since thats where they source them.

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                1. re: Homero

                  THANK YOU!!! I remembered hearing that there was a place you could buy these, but totally forgot. I can't wait to pick some of these up. Absolutely the greatest hot dog buns ever, IMHO :)

                  1. re: foodiegal71

                    I found out the hard way that you need to place an order for buns 24 hours ahead. They make them to order because of the short shelf life. A small pain, but worth it.

                    Also, I totally agreem they are the greatest hotdog buns ever. They make great burger buns too.