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Aug 22, 2013 12:53 PM

Restaurant Week 2013 Reviews?

Hi, just moved from NYC and have been excited to try all the great food in the Dallas area.

Restaurant Week is generally a love/hate kind of situation -- it's for a great cause and gives you an opportunity to try out some new places. However, the crowds can be intense, affecting food quality & service. Plus, most places seem to water down their menu to cut costs.

On the Manhattan board, there was an active thread during every Restaurant Week for diners to review their experiences. It really helped to plan subsequent Restaurant Week reservations so we could avoid those establishments that catered to the lowest common denominator and chose those that really took up the challenge to maintain tasty/interesting food at an accessible price point.

I haven't found that kind of thread on this board, and had kind of a miserable experience at this past Restaurant Week. Anyone interested in sharing their experiences last week (or this week, for those restaurants that extended)?

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  1. You might try looking here:

    Be sure to scroll down - there are many posts.

    1. I just mail my check directly to the Dallas Food Bank and skip the miserable experiences. We love to try new places but no longer find Restaurant Week appealing. The cause is great but I have had too many poor experiences; mostly with service not food. I would prefer to try the new place outside if restaurant week. I wish you luck to seek out the exceptions.

      1. Well, it's not over yet :) You still have a chance to improve on your experience through Labor Day weekend. Where did you go that you didn't enjoy?

        So far for me, Grace was great, Bijoux OK. Something was a bit off with my food there as I didn't feel too great afterwards and had trouble finishing my meal (not like me ...). The optional foie gras offering was nice, just wish the dish had been up to their usual standard. Pappas Bros. is a reliably very good RW experience. Last year my favorite was Second Floor.

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          Just wanted to mention that no sooner did I say this than I went to Pappas Bros. for RW ... and had anything but the usual reliably good experience.

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            Ugh sorry. Bad meals are so disappointing. Our subpar experience was at Fearing's--I had done research and saw that they were voted #1 Restaurant Week experience, so I thought it would be passable. The meal we had was like a bad wedding banquet. I wouldn't pay $10 for what we had, much less $45. It was poor quality product, poorly prepared, and the service was underwhelming.