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Aug 22, 2013 12:47 PM

More on Cheese in Baltimore

I rarely order a cheese plate here because I have disappointed so often. But the other night I had a plate at 13.5% in Hampden, and it was terriffic--excellent varieties served a point.

Which leads to this post. Can anyone recommend other good cheese restaurants in town? Thanks

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  1. Charleston has an excellent selection--but VERY PRICEY.

    Elkridge Furnace Inn has a lovely selection and knowledgeable serving staff.

    Sotto Sopra also offers a nice selection of cheeses.

    Another restaurant, Pazo, has a wide variety. Although, I wasn't impressed with the restaurant, but would at some point give it another try. FoiGras

    1. Petit Louis is very good for cheese - they've got a bona fide cheese trolley, if memory serves.

      I also had a spectacular cheese plate at Wine Market that included gjetost. Not one you see every day.

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        The mail order cheese place Cheeselovers (anyone remember it--it introduced many of us to better cheese?) offered gjetost in the 70s. I have not seen it since. Ill have to try it.

      2. I definitely second Charleston as having the BEST, by far, cheese selection in town. But, as was mentioned, it is indeed a pricey venture...