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How do you save a list of restaurants to try?

This question has been on my mind so I thought I would ask others how they save lists of restaurants that they want to try. I will see many great suggestions on this board, from friends, reviews online, etc. but then can't seem to think of any when it comes time to try something new. Happen to you?

Ideally it would be something with mobile capabilities (Droid) for me - I'm currently debating Yelp bookmarks. What do you use? Thank you for your input!

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  1. I was going to recommend Catch, but they're dropping the service, so I'm looking for a replacement, ideally something that will work on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

    1. I use an app called WorkFlowy, which is really a generalized task-list kind of app. It allows for different categories of task, and I just have one entitled "restaurants to try." It has a phone app that syncs with a website. Very simple.

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        Looks pretty cool, I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. Yelp bookmarks are great. You can use the "what's nearby" feature on your phone to quickly see the bookmarks that are nearest to where you are in the city.

        One major caveat though! The iPhone and Android yelp apps do not understand the concept of bookmark "notes" (I usually type in a few notes when at home on my laptop about which dish to try). You won't see these notes in your phone AND if you accidentally click the "bookmark" icon in the app (easy to do) it will forever erase your note without confirmation.

        I avoid that bookmark icon as best as I can, and when I want to read my notes on what to order, I click through to the "full site" in my phone to read them. That part is a pain, but the "whats nearby" feature is too killer not to use.

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          I agree Yelp bookmarks are great, along with the mapping feature to see which one of your bookmarks are nearby.

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            I use Yelp bookmarks too. Very easy, whatever you think about their ratings system.

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              Is there some way to view the list of bookmarks in the Yelp Android app? If there is I can't find it.

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                Make sure you actually installed the app and are not just using the mobile web page.

                The first page that loads on the Yelp app has 9 icons on it. One of them is "Bookmarks". As mentioned "Sort by distance to me" is a great to see which ones are closest.

                As I said, be careful about disabling and then reenabling a bookmark from this app. If you do that, it will destroy any "notes" you took in your bookmark.

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                  Thanks, that looks pretty useful. Somehow I already have ten or so bookmarks. I don't remember ever knowing about or using that feature.

            2. I created a database, which I keep on my computer at home and also on my iPhone. I can edit it from either platform and sync the two via WiFi. I usually copy the important details (name, location, hours, etc.) and maybe a few sentences from the review or board post that caught my attention, so I can remember what's supposed to be good. I can search or sort it by city, neighborhood, cuisine, or other keywords. At the moment, I'm up to 250 records.

              I created this originally in Filemaker Pro, but the updates to that were getting too expensive. Then Apple released Bento, which is a cheap, simple database app with fewer bells and whistles than Filemaker, but plenty for my purpose. I use that currently. Bento is available for Mac OS, iPhone and iPad, but sorry, not for Windows or Android (but take a look here for an app that promises to be a lot like it on the Android platform http://techtwisted.com/android-databa... ). I promise you, you do NOT have to be all that computer savvy to work with Bento.

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                I checked out that article that talks about Memento which sounds very cool. Supposed to be the comparable to Bento. This sounds pretty cool for other reasons too so I will definitely check it out!

              2. "I will see many great suggestions on this board, from friends, reviews online, etc. but then can't seem to think of any when it comes time to try something new."

                I'm 52, pretty tech savvy and use various apps to keep lists, etc. But you know what else works pretty well? A piece of paper and a pen. Keep them near the computer or on the coffee table or wherever, and just write down the name of a restaurant when one you are interested in presents itself. Soon enough, you'll have a list. :)

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                  Hi ttoommyy, this made me laugh out loud, or LOL, in tech savvy terms! I love it, a paper and pen - who would have guessed. I was just wondering if I was missing out on some cool app for such a list.

                  1. re: bellemdm

                    I knew that was at the heart of your post. :)

                    I, too, keep thinking "there must be an app for this" whenever I find myself doing a task the "old school" way, but sometimes that way is just fine. Unless you are considering building a serious data base of information; then I can see the advantages of an app or computer program to help.

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                    The problem with paper is that it's near the computer when I'm at the coffee table, on the coffee table when I'm at the computer, and at home when I'm out and want to find a restaurant.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Think of all the restaurants we missed out on before we had electronic devices and had to rely on pen and paper. The horrors!!! :)

                      (just being silly; no snarkiness meant at all)

                  3. Not very well. Attempting to use my brain for this.

                    1. I'm afraid I'm another one that's pretty low tech. its just a list by ethnicity/type that fits on one page double sided with the restaurant names. no doubt there are much better ways, but it works for my simple needs. it does need updating regularly. New places come, old favorites close. Places go downhill, or occasionally revive themselves.

                      1. I use the notes function on my iPhone. For an Android user maybe creating a Google doc would be a better solution? I'm sure there is a native app to access google docs on the Android operating system since it's made by Google.

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                          Last I tried, Google docs aren't available when you can't get an Internet connection. That's kind of a must for me.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            You mean you actually need a wifi connection or can you connect over the phone's network? I've definitely accessed them over the network with my iPhone although it was a bit cumbersome because I just did it using Chrome. I'm guessing they have to have an app, at least for Android.

                            1. re: virtualguthrie

                              There's a Google Drive app for Android, so maybe that's usable for offline access.

                        2. Thank you all for your suggestions and sharing what you use. I'm going to try a couple options and see which one I like best. Yelp bookmarks definitely have some bonuses with the proximity search, but I do like some of the other options too.

                          1. Simple - MS Word document.

                            It's only a list and doesn't need anything more sophistcated.

                            1. Google Keep looks like what I want, but it seems to be incompatible with Windows, Mac, and whatever version of Android is on my phone.

                              1. I have a very sophisticated method I'm sure many will be eager to adopt ... a hand-written list that's taped to my kitchen wall, with restaurants I've tried and restaurants that have closed crossed out. Every so often I rewrite the list ...

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                                  I mentioned a handwritten list earlier, up above. Seems like people want a more modern sophisticated way of doing it. :)

                                  1. re: ttoommyy

                                    I don't care about modern or sophisticated, I just want something I have when I need it. If I make a paper list as likely as not I forget to bring it with me or lose it entirely.

                                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                      Well, by wanting to have it when you need it, that pretty much dictates a more sophisticated method if as you say you can't depend on yourself to always remember to bring a handwritten paper list with you.

                                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                        Then, too, a paper list isn't as easy to search or sort to find a place with the particular location or features you want at the moment. It's harder to add new records and keep them all in any sort of order. Those are capabilities I really appreciate, and use a lot.

                                        To each their own--if technology seems more trouble than it's worth to you for a purpose like this, then by all means, don't use it. But that's the way I feel about the idea of a paper list--to me, it would be SO not worth the trouble for the actual little bit of use and the large amount of frustration I would get out of it.

                                        1. re: MsMaryMc

                                          It also has a lot to do with how many restaurants one is talking about.
                                          But think about it; not so very long ago the average "foodie" had no resource other than pen and paper and dined well. Yes, of course I understand that technology has made things easier in many aspects of our lives, there is no denying that. In fact I use an app for my weekly shopping list and could not get by without it anymore.

                                  2. Yelp 100%. I used it (and of course Chowhound) on a recent trip to Fort Lauderdale. Most of my bookmarks were researched before the trip but Yelp definitely helped us find other gems that I had previously overlooked.
                                    It's an essential travel app for me.
                                    (I also use it locally too of course)

                                    1. The free version of SomNote is very similar to what Catch used to be. I'm trying that as a replacement.

                                      1. Have you tried Matchbook? Useful app for saving restaurants and the design is gorgeous!