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Best Italian food in San Antonio???????

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I am looking for any and all recommendations for the best Italian spots in San Antonio. Price is not an issue. Location is not an issue. The region of the Italian cooking is not an issue. I love pretty much any Italian food, from the fanciest dishes to the most simple pizza or pasta. So any kind of Italian recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    marianne anderson

    Several restaurants leap to mind when thinking about Italian food in San Antonio. Favorites include ( in no particular order) Ciao Lavanderia, 226 E. Olmos phone 210-822-3990; Massimo's, 1896 Nacogdoches, 342-8556; Piatti, 255 E. Basse Rd. in the Quarry Market at the base of the smokestacks, 832-0300; Grissini, 8594 Fredericksburg Rd. 615-7270, San Remo,8055 West Ave. 366-0416, LaScala, (Continental, but with mostly an Italian flavor) 2117 NW. Military Hwy. 366-1515; Aldo's 8539 Fredericksburg Rd., 696-ALDO and last but not least, Paesano's, 555 E. Basse Rd. 828-5191. One or any of these should satisfy your Italian needs.


    1. Also check out Aldino's on 1604 and Blanco. They have great spinach raviolies!

      1. little italy at blanco and west avenue on the north side of san antonio has the best italian food in town.

        1. Along with others mentioned so far..... You have to try Piccolo's! Small family owned
          Located at Wurzbach and Evers roads (close to 410) Wonderful neighborhood Italian restaurant with delicious food! You just gotta go there!

          1. Dough Pizzeria- certified Neopolitan pizza, they make their own cheese, basil comes fresh picked off the plant
            Osteria Il Sogno
            Tre Trattoria
            Nosh- small plates, former chef from Il Sogno, native Italian

            1. Just an FYI in 2013: the reply from 2004 includes a lot of places that are no more...Ciao, Massimos, Grissini, LaScala.

              1. Luce at just off Huebner & I-10 in a little strip mall is quite good. I especially like the arancini there. Aldo's at Wurzbach & Fredericksburg Rd. is good. Grissini's is still around, altho' moved across town. The Calamari there is tops. The Paesano's at L. 1604 serves very good Italian food. And as Sam Spade said, Tre Trattoria, either location, imho is the best place to find Italian in this town. I do miss LaScala, Massimo's and Ciao Lavanderia. Anyone know what went in there after the nice couple closed it?

                1. Whenever go through SA, I try to always stop at Paesano's on the River Walk and order the Shrimp Paesano. It's just one of those perfect dishes I think of fondly and often. I've not found a similar dish prepared as well anywhere else. As marianne says, there is another location of Paesano's but I've not been there.

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                    I've never been to the riverwalk Paesano's. I like the Lincoln Height's location the best, they have some good veal dishes on the menu. I've tried the 1604 location several times, it's just around the corner from our home, but I've never had a great meal there.
                    I do like the Shrimp Paesano though, very yummy.

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                      Indeed! If you find any Padron Peppers in TX, let me know! I've been on the hunt since our trip to Spain in the Spring.

                  2. Lambie, the closest padron peppers to TX that I've found is
                    at the farmers market in Santa Fe. We did a tapas dinner last fall (also after a trip to Spain) and had a friend ship some from the farmers market in Portland, but the shipping $$ killed me. If you find some, I'm in.

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                      I'll keep that in mind! I need to check 99 Ranch.

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                        Here's a crazy expensive web suggestion for Padron peppers...