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Aug 22, 2013 12:12 PM

Morrocan/North African/Middle Eastern Food

Going to the city in September, and I'm looking for a good Moroccan/north African/middle eastern restaurant. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: thegforceny

      +1 to both of these, Ilili also has great wine selection

    2. Cafe mogador in e village, very casual- beware of crazy wknd brunch waits, the casablanca tagine is one of my fav items, avoid their falafel
      Nish nush- tribeca, really casual. IMO best hummus in the city

      1. Al Bustan, Byblos, Balade, ilili and Gazala's are my favorite spots in Manhattan. Tanoreen, in Brooklyn, remains my favorite in the city.

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          1. re: JungMann

            Thank you for the recommendations!

          2. Taboon for high end.
            Gazala for casual

            Einat from Balaboosta was supposed to open a new place. Anyone knows the name

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              1. re: squid kun

                The most frustrating part about reading that is realizing she could put out a traditional Persian-Jewish menu and it would likely end up far more interesting than all of her concepts combined.

                It reminds me of how we've had booms of Pan-Asian cuisine, and then it took decades to finally get a Laotian restaurant, and good Vietnamese, Filipino, or Burmese is scarce to non-existent.

            1. I'll second the ilili and Gazala suggestions.

              Ilili is more of a production, kind of upscale and contemporary, but the key dishes are respectful to the traditions. You'll read a lot of raves for the Brussels sprouts, which I don't exactly understand. I'd skip those.

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              1. re: sugartoof

                For me, those brussels sprouts are the reason to go!

                1. re: Humbucker

                  The reason why the brussel sprouts are so good is because of the combination of bitter flavor from the sprouts, tempered by sweetness of fruits, sour tanginess of yogurt, smokiness from char and earthiness of nuts, it has crunch and soft textures. It's a very complex layer of flavors and textures. All the kids who I've eaten with at Ilili discover they like brussel sprouts... at least prepared that way.