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UW lunch?

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Hi - Any recs for a nice lunch around the university? Thanks!

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  1. How nice is "nice"?

    1. I echo venice4504's question. For Mexican with a view, Agua Verde. Lots of places for quick lunches (U:don, Samurai Noodle), but not sure that's what you're looking for.

      1. Hi. Thanks for the replies. My friend took me to a casual Vietnamese place Pho Thy Thy. Enjoyed the big bowls of beef noodle soup! Thx again ;)

        1. Tom Thai and Schultzy's if by "nice" you mean "good".

          1. I like Mamma Melina: http://mammamelina.com/

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              OP went to a Vietnamese place. You're about two weeks too late, wwahl.

              Next visit, ehhh?