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Aug 22, 2013 11:19 AM

New Bristol Farms in Santa Monica opened yesterday

Has anybody been yet? It's at Wilshire and Berkeley. I made a quick stop yesterday to pick up some wine and sorbet on my way to a dinner party so i didn't get to give it the full once-over, but what I did see looked pretty great. Parking lot was a zoo at 7:30pm, but I managed to find street parking very nearby. It appears to be at least twice the size of their other stores I've been in. Meat, cheese and wine departments all looked beautiful, and the employees were very friendly and helpful (if still in the midst of figuring some things out). I'm looking forward to going back for further exploration.

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  1. This is a former Albertson's, so it is indeed much larger than other Bristol Farms nearby -- Westwood at Ohio, Bev Hills.

    1. I was there today. Plenty of parking in their huge outdoor lot. I suspect the Whole Foods down the street will lose a lot of customers to Bristol Farms for two reasons: First, BF is huge, and has very wide aisles. No bumping into other shoppers. Second, the parking is so easy and plentiful.
      They have the usual salad bar, soup bar and a large number of prepared hot and cold food bars.
      I plan to add BF to my grocery shopping rotation list along with Bob's and Gelson's..

      1. Gonna go check if this location sells jamon iberico de bellota...

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        1. re: J.L.

          If they don't, requesting it should be simple. BF is usually good about that. My only fear as a dept head with you is your well-versed palate may give a thumbs-down to their particular jamon.

          1. re: bulavinaka

            1) the bristol farms near me has been VERY responsive to my requests for specific items. (i.e. i like the Mocha Difference flavor of Three Twins Organic ice cream. no other store would go out of their way to keep something this idiosyncratic in stock, but Bristol Farms has.)

            2)if their bulk food department carries the organic pistachio nuts, definitely give them a try.

            1. re: westsidegal

              If you're talking about the Westchester store, +1. I like that store a lot. The deli is weak, the baked goods are so-so (it seems all I've visited are like that) but the other depts are very good to great. They've always been great customer service-wise, and their flowers and plants are better than most stores and florists.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                yup, that's the one.
                the westchester store is within walking distance of my home.

        2. Boy is this a nice market, giant cheese section, beautiful meat & fish counter, and it was packed at lunch time

          1. Super nice new addition to the neighborhood. I wandered all the aisles, taking in the products they stock, many of which were new to me. Cheese selection is fantastic. It won't replace Gelson's for me, but I really am impressed with this new store.

            I did mention to the super friendly check out person that I missed the fried chicken that Albertson's carried, and he said they've heard that from a few people (Bristol Farms is owned by Albertsons).

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            1. re: yogachik

              I *do* wish Bristol Farms made a great fried chicken like some of the other markets. Occasionally, they'll have it on the hot line and it's wonderful.

              Some of those 'super friendly' check out people are coming back to BH Bristol...