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Aug 22, 2013 10:27 AM

Maybe Ward 6 is Worth The Drive

When it first opened, I know a number of folks on this board said that Ward 6 is a great restaurant if you are in St Paul, but not one to necessarily drive across town to dine. I was one of them. After taking down another of their Reuben sandwiches last night, I'm starting to re-think that. If you love the Reuben sandwich, this is definitely worth the gas.

The corned beef here is as good as I've had in the Twin Cities. I still hope someday the kitchen will put it in a hash on their brunch menu, but until then we'll have to hector Bob and Eric about it. Everything else just builds from there into a perfect bite. Fresh kraut with the creamy dressing provide a hint of sweet to counter out the smoky salty corned beef. I don't even like rye bread (it's a texture thing), but it works perfectly for me here. It is easily the best version you can find in this market IMO and I've tried a bunch. All their fries are cooked in beef suet which lends a distinct flavor. One of my favorite dinners of the summer and all for $11. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

So there you have it. I'm telling you that one of the Twin Cities great sandwiches can be found on Payne Avenue in St. Paul at Ward 6. If you love that sandwich, you owe it to yourself to make the drive.

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  1. I would drive across town for their fish and chips. Again, both being done in beef fat.

    1. I would (and do) definitely drive across town to eat at Ward 6.


      1. A quick clarification: not all of our fries are fried in beef fat. Only the ones with the fish and chips and the ones in the poutine are automatically done that way. The rest are normally fried in vegetable oil. Carry on!