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Aug 22, 2013 08:33 AM

Where do Chowhounders buy their organic olive oil (first cold-pressed)?

With the recent news about all of the "fake olive oils" on the market, I was wondering where Chowhounders purchase their organic olive oil.

I tend to like to buy olive oil in large quantities.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I like the olive oil from these guys and you can find it at Farmers Markets as well as get it from them at their store near LAX.

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      You also might comb through this prior thread for suggestions as it had a good number of ideas

      1. Costco. Cuz some hounds are poor and/or economical.

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          +1 for Costco. They have an organic oil that's great for everyday use. I think it's $17 or so for 2 liters.

          The description "first cold pressed" is misleading, as it implies that it's common practice to do a second cold pressing.

            1. It's not organic, but for our everday olive oil, we LOVE Baja Precious... It's bottled here in So Cal and it's absolutely first cold pressed. If I put a bottle in the fridge, it shortly becomes olive butter... The Baja region has several wonderful olive oils, but Baja Precious is the only one we can reliably get in the U.S.

              The taste is very balanced (Which is why we use it for everday preps like salad dressings) we use other more assertive olive oils from California (California Olive Ranch) for things like dipping.

              We pick up our bottles at La Monarca Bakery... but it's sold on Amazon as well... Amazon even sells it by the jug.



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                  Can you get both Baja and Olive Ranch at the bakery (I live not too far from there)? Might be worth a taste test.... =)

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                    Nope, California Olive Ranch you can pick up at Whole Foods... Right now I have the Millers Blend which is pricier than their standard and I have a sneaking suspicion that their standard oil is also the Ca Oil at Trader Joes...

                    I also like Zoe's Organic in tin (From Spain) and Alziari French Olive Oil from Surfas... but both are much more expensive than the above two.

                    We use a good amount of olive oil because it's commonly used in Yucatan in Salsas, Cocktails and poured on tomatoes. We also are also pesto FIENDS (One of my favorite things on earth is Pesto Tortellini salad) and love to dip our bread in a good EVOO. We use EVOO more than butter...

                    We understand the need to want an organic product. But for our everyday cooking oil, especially when something needs to be pan/stir fried. We have been happy with Grape Seed Oil and Rice Bran Oil. It's kinda a waste to use a good EVOO for those types of preps.


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                      I like the California Olive Ranch olive oils, specifically their Arbequina and their Limited Reserve. They are available at Ralph's and often go on sale. Check other big supermarkets, but wait for a sale.

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                          Another fan of Zoe's and selection at Surfas. I find Zoe's works for everything. Now also being sold at Vicente Foodst

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                        You find California Olive Ranch assertive?
                        I gave up on it because it was almost tasteless.
                        Yet reading some of the posts below, I gather they make more than one variety.
                        I bought it at WFM, yet based on that one bottle, I have not bought it again. Seems like all major groceries sell at least one variety of the brand.

                        1. re: carter

                          Hi, carter!

                          Try the Arbequina...often found at Ralph's, but not always. I find this one to be the most fruity, the note that I prefer in my olive oils...(but not in my teas!)

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                            Their everyday oil is bland... but their varietals have a lot more flavor...


                        2. Scripps College (at Pomona)

                          1. I like the big bottles and cans of EVOO at World Market/Cost plus for everyday cooking. And it's not bad for drizzling. Good 'n grassy.

                            It's the stuff that says World Market on it - comes in 3 liter cans too.