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Your favorite uses of pomegrante molasses?

Bought a bottle more than a while back for a recipe (which I've since forgotten), and I liked the flavor. Other than various salad dressings, what other uses have you found for it?

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  1. Finally finished my first bottle, the flavor is nice. I use it in a dip or spread of roasted red peppers, walnuts, onion & spices. Also in similar preparation with cooked lentils.

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    1. Put quartered onions on the grill. Remove when nice and caramelized. Add parsley, pomegranate molasses, some olive oil, salt, chili pepper flakes. Delicious side dish at bbqs.

      1. Fesenjan and muhammara automatically come to mind as classic recipes with pomegranate molasses. Generally I use the stuff wherever I want a little sweet and sour flavor. I recently added it to a pickled eggplant salad with dill to tame the sharpness of the white vinegar brine. I plan on using it in lieu of amchoor in bhindi masala later this week. It also marries well with lamb if you want to sub it for lemon in a marinade. Also:

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          Joyce Goldstein's "Tagine" deck has an awesome recipe for Persian Chicken with Pom. & Walnuts (Fresenjan)

          I hope you can see it here:


        2. I've not made the dish myself but I've had it with chicken livers in a couple of Lebanese places and it's a great combination.

          1. The recipe in Jerusalem cookbook for swiss chard, wheatberries, and pomegranate molasses is excellent.

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              I agree. Yotam Ottolenghi uses pomegranate molasses quite a bit in several of his recipes and many of them are available online. He also mixes burnt eggplant with pomegranate molasses as well as tahini, lemon, garlic, herbs, and vegetables. OP should look his recipes up.

              1. I sweeten it up and use it in a glaze on cheesecake.

                1. It's delicious when cooked in the Persian dish, Fesenjan. I find westerners like the dish even better when the following adaptations are made from the traditional recipe: replace sugar with dates as the sweetener, and make it a lot less sweet overall; leave some of the walnuts in pieces; add the chicken near the end of the braising process so that it stays in nice big chunks, rather than shredding into the sauce; a final lovely edit is cooking cubed butternut squash in the stew -- it mellows what can otherwise be too strong a flavour for us waspy types, without changing the essential flavor profile.

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                    Wow, sounds great. Do you have a recipe you'd recommend? Otherwise, I'll just do a Google.

                  2. Moro's wood-grilled quail with pomegranate molasses. Marinade of PM with various spices - great stuff!

                    1. I love it as the main ingredient in a barbeque sauce for chicken or pork. I mix it with honey, sautéed onions, ginger, and garlic, cumin, an ancho chile and its soaking water, smoked paprika and coriander.

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                        seriously...my mouth is watering. wow....

                        i also have to write how surprised i am that there are so many ideas on this thread! I've only EVER used pomegranate molasses for roasts - especially roast chicken, but it's wonderful on lamb too. I've always been so satisfied with it this way, i've never explored further! thanks for all the ideas hounds!

                      2. These pomegranate glazed lamb meatballs are awesome. And the cocktail that goes with it is pretty good too



                        1. I stir it into plain Greek yogurt for a snack.