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Aug 22, 2013 07:21 AM

Deschutes Beer-Where to get it

There is a discussion concerning the great Oregon beer maker and his product on the beer board. does anyone know where to get it at a bar locally, happy hour would even be better, so l do not have to get a case to try it.

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    Many other places probably carry it in bottle, I don't think it's hard to find.

    Also no need to buy a case, you can get a mixed 6 at one of the Foodery locations, Bottle Shop on East Passyunk, Bottle Bar East in Fishtown and probably many other bottle shops. Most decent ones will stock it. Some bars do mixed 6 takeout too, Jon's on South St has a big bottle selection and does this.

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      l expected you to be the answerer to the question and l thank you.

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        If you decide on a happy hour - I'd love to catch up.

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        I don't know if you are in center city or the suburbs, but Blue Dog Pub in Lansdale had the Deschutes mirror pond (pale ale) on draft.

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          Barryg, this is an amazing website, thank you! I have been looking for the Chainbreaker White IPA since our trip to Oregon 2 years ago.

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            FYI I just had this at Jose Pistola's a couple days ago.

        2. I'd like to also recommend Hawthorne's near Bella Vista Distributors. They have a very decent bottle selection and some of their prices are better than the Foodery's.

          I know Hawthorne's recently had some bottles of Deschutes smoked porter collaboration with Great Lakes - I'd call to see if they still carry that or anything else.

          1. I saw it at the Pub on Passyunk East, $5.50/pint, happy hour is half price. Check Philly Tap Finder.

            1. Saw bottles of Black Butte Porter last night at Iron Abbey in Horsham, where, I believe, there is a happy hour every day.

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                Iron Abbey's hippy hour is 4-7 every S-R, 4-6 Friday and Saturday, discounted beer and food specials. Well worth the price of admission. And they have more parking across the street so it is more convenient.

              2. Will be at Vargas for happy hour today, Monday 8/26 with another hound, all welcome.