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Aug 22, 2013 06:18 AM

Any idea where to find sirloin cap "culotte" steak or ribeye cap "spinalis" in Baltimore?

I've checked at Ceriello and JW Treuth but neither have either cut. H Mart seems to have a lot of different cuts so perhaps someone has seen it there or does anyone know of a butcher that sells it?

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  1. If Balymar is like Philadelphia, one must buy the whole rib and butcher the calotte off yourself. As T Keller made it wonderful and famous it is getting harder and harder to find and now many rib roasts have become ribeyes.

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      Blargh, OK. It seemed so at my local Whole Foods, they cut the primal as soon as they get it and leave the cap on the relative steaks rather than slice it off as a separate cut.

    2. I have had luck with the butchers at Eddies in Roland park.

      1. DC is not Baltimore, but Red Apron at the new Union Market has cap steak - I think it is sirloin, pretty lean.

        1. I hit the jackpot at Whole Foods this morning. The grass fed sirloin had just arrived and they were able to cut off the culotte and the tri tip. I will have to check out Red Apron in the future as in the hunt for perhaps a grain-fed sirloin cap or a ribeye cap. I think the best option here is to find a butcher that gets in primals. Eddies and J W Trueth seem to only get in the smaller subprimals.

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            Good for you. Was this a dry aged one or regular wet aged one ?
            What did they charge you ?

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              It's just the regular sirloin cut so I assume wet aged. I also assume they will charge the price of a usual sirloin but I have yet to find out. I went in this morning to inquire with the butcher and we were both on the same page and he knew that I planned to come in. He planned to put them aside for me to pick up after work and alas when I called to see if they are ready the other employee there now has no idea what I'm talking about and informed me there are 2 steaks on hold when I requested 3 steaks. The original butcher will be there tomorrow morning so I plan to find out what the heck he actually cut and if he did it. I often have this problem with Whole Foods meat department, they are quite inconsistent which can be frustrating but such a good source of things I can't find elsewhere that I tolerate it. I'll post back tomorrow about the price. I think the usual grass fed sirloin is $13 or $15/lb.

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                The sirloin cap l know nothing about, my desire has always been the rib cap.

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                  Yea, I can't find that bugger. I might try ordering online.

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                So they were hidden and I picked them up this morning. $12.99/lb for both the tri tip and the cap.

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                JW Treuth only "gets in" the smaller subprimals? I suppose things may have changed, but JW Treuth used to be a slaughterhouse. They'd "get in" the entire live cows! I'm not aware that the operation has changed at all, but I haven't been there in a few years.

              4. Not in Baltimore, but Carroll County...Bullock's, they breakdown their beef and can customize cuts,,,


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                  I'm going to give them a call in the morning to see if they can do a ribeye cap...fingers crossed