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Aug 22, 2013 04:52 AM

French Bakery Options

What's your favorite french bakery? I recently tried Baguette et Chocolat for the first time in Bee Cave and was quite impressed. A classically trained chef from France is at the helm and the lady that seems to be a manager / owner (maybe chef's wife?) sounds also to be from France.

We tried the chouquettes, pain au chocolate, croissant, Chocolat profiterole crepe with vanilla ice cream, and the coconut macaroon. The items were stellar! This must be the best bakery of this type hands down anywhere near Austin. People were flying out the door with ham and cheese baguette sandwiches that I can't wait to try next along with a savory crepe or 50. well worth the 20 min. drive from central austin.

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  1. I'm crazy about that place. Fantastic bread and desserts. Don't know of anything in Austin that competes.

    1. This one is in Pflugerville and is on my list to visit ASAP:

      Anyone been?

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        If you like macaroons you'll like her bakery. She makes a nice chocolate croissant and her french bread is pretty good.

      2. Yup! No doubts about this ... hands down the best French bakery in/around Austin! I know folks who drive down from Round Rock every weekend!

        Great croissants, I really enjoy the almond ones, too. Plus their crepes are well made, fresh, and the side salad is a great side.

        I've also had the raisin rolls, sweet crepes, and pain au chocolate ... all wonderful.

        Austin-ites come out to this little (not so secret any more) slice of Paris!

        1. We go to Baguette et Chocolat on the weekends if we're headed to Sportsman's Finest. We like to get there early enough to get plain croissants and a baguette. The croissants are the kind you bite in to and the flakes explode until you get toward the center and it's soft layers of dough. Beautiful product.