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Aug 21, 2013 11:15 PM

Any waterfront dining?

I've been spending the summer in NY and love being neart the water. My boyfriend, a ative NYer has been taking me to some great restaurants, including one very memorable, beautiful evening in Freeport for fresh grilled fish. I'd like to find a few places to ae him, as well, oreferably near the water. My criteria are few: we need fish or vegetarian/ vegan options, near the water, watefront s a big plus. Not ON the water, as in a dinner cruise because my man gets seasick. Anything from casual to dressy is fine. We are not into alcohol so a bar is not necessary. Willing to travel because he has a car so please advise!

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  1. Water's Edge, 44th Dr. in Queens, has a beautiful view of Manhattan. There is an outdoor deck, that is nice weather permitting, and the main dining room has floor to ceiling windows with the same dramatic view. However, as is often the case, when the restaurant is selling its location and view, the food is subsidiary. At a recent luncheon the best choice turned out to be the prix fixe choice. Ok food, but great view. Parking adjacent to the restaurant.

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      Thanks! We might check this place out!

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        If you dont mind fending off pushy staff, eating at one of the Tatianas on the Brighton Beach boardwalk might be fun.

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          Slightly off-topic, but a Times dance critic filed this enjoyable piece the other day on the floor show: (This is about the supper club entertainment at Tatiana Restaurant, not the Tatiana boardwalk venues.)

    2. The River Café, near the Brooklyn Bridge, used to be an expensive but good choice. It was pretty much wiped out by Hurricane Sandy, and hasn't reopened. Now I see that they plan to open on October 13. If that isn't too late for you, check it out.

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          That article was written in 2011 and well before Hurricane Sandy devastated the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach.

          Blue Bottle did not return to the boardwalk in 2012. Neither has Rockaway Taco, after Sandy, they only have their inland location. Pretty sure Babycakes is gone, now, too, I've never seen them there this summer or last. There are some fried fish and lobster roll options though. Rippers is operating at 86th, but they have limited vegetarian options.

          Caracas would be better, but they're at 106th.

          You also cannot walk on the boardwalk between 86th and 96th, it is closed. The beach in that area is also current closed for construction. You only get little "islands" of boardwalk in between areas of reconstruction.

        2. You know, when they first open they were UNIVERSALLY panned for terrible, slow service. But Brooklyn Crab may fit your bill. They're in Red Hook down near Ikea/Fairway, right on the water.

          You may want to look at more recent Yelp, Zagats or menupages reviews. I think someone on this board had some slightly less vitriolic words for them a couple of months ago.

          1. Dessert at Steve's Key lime pie!!