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Aug 21, 2013 09:22 PM

Master Chef AU down to top 5..Who do you think will win it? <Spoilers>

The final 5 are
Rishi (probably the front runner at this point)
Samira (if she holds it together she could win)
Christina (been on a roll as of late)
Lynton (the dark horse?)

Who do you think will win?

I also uploaded a photo of a dish three episodes or so back just to show a dish comparison to the US version...which I just wasted bandwidth on down loading. I tried looking for plates from US Master chef but they have none on the site:(

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  1. To me at this point it's between Rishi and Emma. And because I have my own reality show troll voice inside of me, I think that it's a bit more likely for a woman to win this year as the show has a tendancy to have female/male winners switch from year to year. So I'm leaning towards Emma. I think the only weakness she really faces is that she's never been in a pressure test. This means that over the season she's cooked less, and never under any direct pressure of going home. Also, because Rishi has been in more pressure tests he's had to push himself on tasks he's weaker in - like baking (the brioche bun for the challenge) and desserts (the last elimination challenge). I'm sure there are things that Emma isn't as strong in, but she's never been forced to do it for survival.

    Christina always has these mental weakness moments that concern me, Lynton I just don't think is as strong, so Samira is my true dark horse. I think she has the goods, but she's not as strong in my opinion as Emma and Rishi.