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Aug 21, 2013 08:26 PM

Master Chef 8/21

The troll thinks everyone is threatened by her notwithstanding she's lost on every team challenge and she was solely responsible for her latest team loss.

Natasha has been really consistent. Someone may outshine her at the end but I have no doubt she will be in the finale.

Bri saved the troll's day.

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  1. The troll needs to go already. Or win the whole thing, so I can have an extra good laugh at the show.

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    1. re: pley

      To me there are no stand outs this year. In previous years there was a clear winner/runner up the whole season. I can't stand Natasha and feel the only reason why she stopped saying she's pretty is because of the nasty remarks she read about herself on fb/twitter. I just don't care about any of them winning.

      1. re: shesallthat

        This show was taped MONTHS ago. So all episodes were finished before the first one ever aired. Her no longer saying she's pretty had nothing to do with what she might or might not have seen on Facebook or Twitter as the episodes air.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Plus, she's not that pretty ..,, just MO

    2. This episode was so boring and predictable. I barely had to watch it to know exactly how it was going to play out. But, at least it wasn't another dessert for elimination, I'll only give them that much.

      1. Boring, boring and why do they repeat the last week episodes?? And what happened to the Paula Deen appearance...they should have aired that segment to augment the lovely troll.

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        1. re: mlshoppy

          I thought this episode really gave the troll an opportunity to shine as a troll. First, trolls are afraid of heights. Second, trolls don't like Asian food. Third, trolls use foul language and will bite other people's head off when given a chance. Fourth, trolls are delusional about their abilities. Fifth, trolls often mistake loathing as fear.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Ah, and do trolls fling marinara sauce at their fellow contestants?

            Truly, I find it hard to believe that FN would want such antics to be part of their "brand" with a win. Maybe I'm naive.

            1. re: pine time

              FN? Do you mean Food Network? This show is on FOX (surprise, surprise). Does it have some connection to Food Network?

              1. re: chicgail

                My oops. I never can keep networks straight.

                1. re: pine time

                  It only makes things worse when Masterchef UK Professionals on BBC America runs commercials for Masterchef US, which airs on Fox. I don't know what channel I'm watching half the time anymore.

            2. re: Worldwide Diner

              How does one not like a whole continent's worth of food?

              1. re: melpy

                I doubt she knows the difference between a continent and a country. OK, that might be harsh, but yeah, I was struck by the comment as well.

            3. re: mlshoppy

              Well, they won't do that next week. Looks to be a 2-hour episode.

            4. Agree with everything you wrote. Krissi even *admitted* that "I should just go home now." Too bad she didn't.

              The previews show the potential of yet another screw-up by her. Are we going to be hoping yet again to have our hopes dashed against the rocks?

              1. I forgot to add in my first comment: while Natasha is probably the strongest chef left overall, I have a feeling she's going to finish third, like Becky last season. They've set her up to be the same kind of snobby, over-confident chef that can have a major fail to keep from finishing in the top 2.

                My bets are on a Jessie/Luca finale, so it can be guy vs. gal as every other season has been before.

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                1. re: sockii

                  Luca? Really? I think James has a better chance than Luca.

                  And I don't think that the troll is done yet. There's a moment in the preview for next week where it looks like Gordon is giving her the boot, which means she's not getting the boot. So I think she'll hang around for at least one more episode.

                  I do feel you are right about Natasha.

                  1. re: chefhound

                    I think it's Luca over James because he's Joe's Golden Boy at this point. And despite continued blunders, Luca's been more on the upswing than the downswing in recent weeks and played up to be likeable. I just don't think the editing has done enough to play up James for him to make it to the finale. He's the slightly-quirky-nice-guy that's kept around almost to the end and then dismissed. At least, that's my prediction, him and Krissi go down next and leave Natasha, Luca and Jessie for the final three.