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Aug 21, 2013 07:28 PM

Directionally challenged...where to stop before ending in Inverness.

Greetings brethren and sistren hounds. We are leaving on Monday morning at around 5 a.m. from Sherman Oaks (basically Los Angeles). We are driving to Inverness.
Our first thought was to head to San Francisco and have breakfast at Swan Oyster Depot.
I am re-thinking this, as I believe we want to bypass the tumult of the city.
Wondering if we should instead have a morning meal in Berkeley.
But the reason for this post is to ask if anyone might be familiar with this drive, and might offer up some other place/city where it might be nice to have a meal, walk around a bit, and then head back towards Inverness.
We are taking highway 5, by the way.
Thanks so much,

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  1. I've answered for spots in the SF Bay Area on the thread on that board.

    The two places where I have taken a break on I-5 are Buttonwillow and Los Banos. Buttonwillow is less than 2 hours from Sherman Oaks and probably too soon for you to want to stop. Los Banos is a bit off I-5.

    That said, I think that foodwise, you're best to wait until you get to Berkeley. So many great spots to be found there, and you might enjoy the metro area before you head to the sticks and rural shore environment of Inverness.

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      Hi Melanie,
      I truly do appreciate your response. Very clear for me to understand, and whereas I thought we'd probably end up in Berkely, I now KNOW that this will be our morning meal. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend with tasty eats.