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Aug 21, 2013 07:25 PM

Directionally challenged...where to stop before ending in Inverness.

Greetings brethren and sistren hounds. We are leaving on Monday morning at around 5 a.m. from Sherman Oaks (basically Los Angeles). We are driving to Inverness.
Our first thought was to head to San Francisco and have breakfast at Swan Oyster Depot.
I am re-thinking this, as I believe we want to bypass the tumult of the city.
Wondering if we should instead have a morning meal in Berkeley.
But the reason for this post is to ask if anyone might be familiar with this drive, and might offer up some other place/city where it might be nice to have a meal, walk around a bit, and then head back towards Inverness.
We are taking highway 5, by the way.
Thanks so much,

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  1. When are you doing this? The Oakland Bay Bridge will be closed Labor Day Weekend 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 to 5 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3 making the route to the City difficult. It is about 5 1/2 hours, traffic permitting(YMMV) to Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley. Less than 1 hour to Inverness by the Richmond San Rafael Bridge and Sir Francis Drake

    1. Your instincts are good. Best to avoid the City on the way to Inverness, and there's better breakfast to be had in the East Bay anyway. You can get oysters up in Marshall.

      Leaving Sherman Oaks at that hour, you can make it to Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley by 11am. If you have a housekeeping cottage in Inverness and need to provision, I suggest stopping at the Berkeley Bowl West, just off the freeway on Heinz for your shopping. You can have breakfast/lunch nearby at 900 Grayson.

      1. Oakland and Berkeley are on the most direct route and there are lots of great choices for a late breakfast or early lunch.

        1. is Buckeye Road house out of your way in Marin? and dinner

          The oysters Bingo are much loved. Also the lemon pudding and pie with blueberries - if it's still on the menu

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          1. re: stanbee

            Buckeye is well out of the way and they don't open until 11:30. I wasn't at all impressed by the place.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Sorry to hear. Have you tried the Oysters Bingo and the lemon pudding cake?

              Perhaps it has changed since eating there last?

            1. re: hill food

              Wow, what a wealth of tips from all of you. I do appreciate this, and I believe that Berkeley is looking better and better.
              My best wishes to all.

              1. re: JeffW

                sorry - I for one, was being snarky - yeah find Bolinas, heh! (smirk).

                the tumult of the City? after LA's Valley? it's really not so bad. just moves a bit slow sometimes. if you're racing up on the 5 then Berkeley and Oakland are more on the way and are far more laid-back. I'd suggest the Rockridge area. lots of sidewalks - it stretches from CCA at B'Way on the South (near 24) and stretches up beyond the BART station almost to the UCB campus.

                or just say fuck it and go to Andronico's and get picnic type-fare for along the way.

                1. re: hill food

                  When's the last time you were in San Francisco?