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Aug 21, 2013 07:23 PM

Scratch Bar - Chicken Breast - Close to Perfect

I have to say, first off, I do not much like chicken breast too much. Gimme thighs, gimme legs, gimme wings, gimme knees and breast bone. But don't gimme gummy, chewy, rubbery chicken boob unless there's nothing else to eat, or unless it is the first week after my next heart attack..
But Scratch Bar's chicken breast is a wonderful dish. Moist and tasty. Been thinking about it since last Friday.

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  1. I notice on their online menu that it's described as "Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast" That made me laugh.

    1. Maybe they brined the dryness and beat the rubberyness right out of it.

      1. I'm of the same mind as you regarding chicken breasts. Was just reading kevinEats review (, and it sounds good. I'm thinking they must sous vide it.

        1. We went to Scratch Bar last night. LOVED all the appetizers and bites. We had kale chips, oysters, fried olives, pork belly & oyster bite, shaved salad, king crab salad in a pot. We got the chicken and hanger steak and both were a huge disappointment, especially the chicken and after reading this post and KevinEats review. The hanger steak was underseasoned, and din't think the chicken was anything special. Plus both came out cold.

          Still a great experience - the staff was awesome, the vibe/place was super cool and, as mentioned, all the appetizers were amazing. And the sake based cocktails too.