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Aug 21, 2013 06:20 PM

What's good to have with eggplant?

I have a nice globe eggplant that I plan to slice and saute with honey, lemon juice, and garlic (a delicious Moroccan-style dish). I need to extend the dish a bit so I can bring it to a potluck and have it look a bit more substantial and visually attractive. It'll be served at room temperature.

I'm considering cooking some Yukon Gold potatoes, slicing, and sauteeing them (but not with lemon and honey), and sprinkling on some parsley; not sure if that will work. Oh, and it needs to be vegetarian and gluten-free. Ideas?

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  1. I think a ratatouille combination (eggplants, peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic) would work well. Great time of year for this dish and it tastes good at any temperature. Also if you use multicolored peppers, it's visually stunning.

    1. Or if you are looking for a starch to use as a bed for the eggplant, I'd suggest millet. I can't understand why millet is not more popular in the US. It's delicious, and fast and simple to prepare. And gluten-free, where that matters.

      1. In keeping with the Moroccan theme, I would suggest couscous, but since it needs to be gluten free, I'd go with a bed of rice pilaf. Spice it with Moroccan spices and add slivered almonds for a little crunch.

        1. In my personal case, antihistamines. A regrettable allergy given the cool factor of eggplant.

          1. Make a simple lentil salad with sliced almonds. Layer on the platter arugala/spinach mix on the bottom, then the lentils and sliced nuts, eggplant ontop with pretty fresh herb garnish (chives or flat lead parsely)