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Aug 21, 2013 04:59 PM

Roadtripping down west coast. Restaurant suggestions?

We will be visiting the national parks in the area, redwood, sequoia, kings canyon, Yosemite, etc. and want to eat deliciously in between. suggestions? We like all kinds of food and we love meat :) Thanks!

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  1. Chateau de Sureau, Erna's Eldberberry House

    14 m S from the entrance to Yosemite. Haven't been in years. Was great when my friend was chef.

    1. Those areas are all discussed on the California board.

      1. The route from Crescent City( RNP)to Yosemite passes through the Bay Area. The other parks would be covered on the California Board. Your request is too general without giving price range, which meals, which city you are going to stop in, how long, etc.

        1. Ern's Elderbrry House was great when a friend ran the kitchen

          14 mi S of the n\etrance to Yosemite. Prix fixe. Great ambience

          1. Mendicino is known for good restaurants when you are up in Redwood country.

            A dinner, breakfast or lunch at the Ahwanhee Hotel can be a splurge and uneven on food, though much better than in the past, but a priceless experience when you are in Yosemite Valley. It sparkles elegantly at night but the outdoors glow though the windows during the day. Can't lose.