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Aug 21, 2013 04:55 PM

Greenville, NC: Como en Casa and Dingbatter's.

Funds are limited and free time even more so(hurrah for grad school+full-time job), so it's time for the relying on other people edition!

Yesterday I noticed a new Mexican place called Como en Casa in the old Huddle House on Memorial(near Warren's). The name implies home cooking, but all I could find online was a Yelp page with some tacos al pastor and standard-looking chilaquiles. I need to go just to try the pastor, but I could really get excited over some La Cuata-style home cooking. Has anyone been? This location tends to churn through restaurants-I'm not sure how long this one has been there. I was only on that stretch of Memorial yesterday by chance.

There also appears to be a seafood restaurant adjacent to the fish house (Shore to Door?). I would really, really like to have some easily accessible seafood takeout-the Dixie Queen is a bit too far for that. Anyone tried this?

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  1. I haven't tried either yet, but have been looking forward to the opening of shore to door's fish restaurant. Please tell me the name is a joke.

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      I don't think so. I assume it's an appropriation of Banker/Hoi Toider slang for outsiders.

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        A friend from down east gave me a version of the definition, it's just a tragic name for a restaurant. Not appetizing or indicative of a restaurant that can cook interesting food. That being said, the kitchen has some talent and should deliver food well above the Greenville average. I'm excited to make a visit.

    2. I haven't tried either one, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm always happy with the fish I buy from Shore to Door, so if they don't get too ambitious with it, I don't see how they could go wrong.

      1. I stopped in at Dingbatter's for some fish tacos after buying some flounder next door. They were good. Definitely not what any Mexican person would recognize as a fish taco -- salsa and tortilla straight outta Harris Teeter -- but the fish was fresh and cooked well. The menu is kind of interesting -- they don't seem to do your traditional piece-of-fish-on-a-plate-or-basket, but they've got a lot of good-looking sandwiches and baked oysters with interesting toppings. They have a massive seafood-feast combo that would be fun, if you came with a whole family.

        I also recently tried the Boiler Room, which is Chef and the Farmer's spinoff oyster/burger bar in Kinston. I'm somewhat religious about the months-with-Rs thing, so I didn't have any oysters, but the burgers were excellent. The butterbean burger is sort of like falafel made out of the butterbean hummus they serve at C. and the F. They've done a really nice job with the space. All in all, I'm not sure it's worth it as a destination trip from out of town, but if you happen to be in Kinston, it's pretty nice.

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          I had a bite of my dining partners beef burger at Chef and the Farmer several years ago and it was one of the best I've had. I couldn't find a website for the Boiler Room, but this info came from an article about them in the link below:

          The Boiler Room, 108 W. North St., is open from 4:30-10 p.m. for dinner, with a lighter menu available until midnight, Tuesday through Saturday. For information, call 252-208-2433, Ext. 5.

          Looking forward to getting a chance to revisit that burger!

        2. Had a nice lunch at Dingbatters. The restaurant is clean and bright, and the menu veers away from fried seafood combo's. We had raw oysters from hog island, steamed clams, stuffed shrimp, barbecued shrimp, crab chili and hand cut fries. The menu is large, and gives you the option of a quick, inexpensive lunch (shrimp burger and fries), or something a more involved (shrimp & grits, fresh fish plates, etc.). Recommended.