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First colonoscopy

I'll only address the 24 hr. liquid diet before the colonoscopy (had an upper endoscopy at the same time), it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought it would be. I drank lots of my preferred beverages- unsweetened decaf green tea & seltzer water, Edy's outshine fruit bars-pineapple & lime. I only tried my daughter's Izze fruit/ seltzer juices afterwards, wish I had discovered them earlier. I wasn't hungry (10 hrs. In, you start the prep, & that occupies your thoughts).

The prep is much worse than the procedure (I won't go into details), which was a breeze, in comparison- all done for a few years , at least. I ate a good meal right after I came home, then napped for several hours.

I took most of my meds before the procedure (skipping Adderall & Metformin), my bp was low/normal & blood sugar was 100. I am thankful that everything went smoothly (no pun intended, I don't remember a thing).

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    1. I thought this post was going to be a question about the prep itself! If anyone cares, I thought the pineapple flavoring mix for the Colyte wasn't bad. Keep it cold, drink it fast, then lie down and think good thoughts about not throwing it back up. The procedure is really the easiest part!

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        I had Moviprep, kept it cold, but it was so bad (split timing 6pm & 2:30 am), I had nightmares leading up to my 2:30 ingestion (which wasn't as bad as the first, thank goodness).

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          I did the split timing on mine as well. I had to drink my second Moviprep with Vodka (can't remember how much, but it tasted mostly like Vodka). It was the ONLY way I could get it down. I didn't tell the doctor, he didn't mention anything to me being odd about my procedure, and it all seemed to work out OK.

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          I've had several done; learned from the nurse the second time around that you can use Crystal Light instead, just not red. Much better flavoring. Nor do they want you to have blue dye, so no Berry Blue or grape jello.

          Also, they said the liquid preps are preferable to the pills, which can leave some residue of their own since in some patients they dissolve better than in others.

        3. I do pills plus water, as I can't keep the regular liquids down. Works a treat.

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            I'm with you. The next time I'll do the pills. I never finished the very last cause I was so sick by then.

          2. Have reading material the day before. I had mine done without anesthesia and watched it all on a screen. Easy peasy, no reason to be spooked.

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              For you easy. For me, deefficult (to quote SeƱor Wences). Several years back, I was being prepped for a colonoscopy and the nurse had an attack of somekind and collapsed. I had to yell for help. She was taken to the hospital. When they finally got around to me, I didn't even get a discount! Nowdays, colonoscopies are often contraindicated.

            2. Every time somebody starts telling me about their latest Juice/Cayenne/Lemon cleanse I tell them to save some money and purchase a Halflytely kit if they're so intent on pooping a lot for the next couple days.

              1. Doesn't this thread belong on Not About Food? :)

                An interesting thing that the nurse said about the previous week's diet - it's the opposite of what they generally recommend for good GI health (low fiber etc)

                1. I had mine about two weeks ago. Even had a dream during the half hour i was put under. Funny thing was, I woke up tasting 'chocolate' in my mouth!! Any body else experience this sensation?!

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                    I got back the results from my first colonoscopy, all normal, thought I was good, but since I'm slightly anaemic, my new dr (my last one left ) suggested a procedure where they send a mini camera down your tubes - he said it's not like a colonoscopy. I talked to the nurse today, & guess what, the prep is just like a colonoscopy-I thought I wouldn't have to do this for 5 more years, now I'm doing it the week after next, dammit....

                    At least, I know what to expect, but that's not comforting. I have a DR.com picnic after my procedure to look forward to, I think I'll do Thai fermented rib tips, & BBQ ribs again, & poundcake (& someone else is making pumpkin cheesecake, yum!)

                  2. Just a quick request folks, that we try to keep this on the topic of things to eat (or, drink, really) while prepping for a colonoscopy or similar procedures. When the discussion gets into what the tests were ordered for or what other tests might be better, that's too medical for Chowhound and we've removed some recent posts in that vein.