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Aug 21, 2013 04:23 PM

When did Chili's Stop Giving Tortilla Chips and Salsa to Customers?

Last night the S/O and I went out to dinner..We had flooding in the dining room--the floor needs to be replaced, so we just decided to go out for a quick bite. We don't go out to dinner often--we like to save our dining out nights for special occasions at non-chain restaurants. That being said, we were having a nice time--but while waiting for our appetizers, the server didn't give us the chips and salsa that used to come with Chilis' gratis. Also--and I remember going to Chili's when my kids were young..and the food was much more of a Mexican/tex mex blend. Is it me--or has the menu gotten more bland?
Just wondering if anyone feels the same. Thanks for any response!

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  1. My first visit to a Chili's over 6 years ago, I never got any freebies like chip and salsa. Always had to order it.

    1. I used to go to Chilis back in my college days (15-18 years ago) and we never got we chips and salsa for free. And the menu was never tex-mex. Are you sure you're not thinking of Chevys? Chilis has always been standard American chain food - burgers, chicken fried steak, etc. Yes, they had a couple Mexican style options, like nachos but I would never classify them as a tex-mex place.

      1. I think maybe you're thinking of Chi-Chi's.

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          This is what I think is happening here.

        2. I remember the chips and salsa, jarona! I haven't been to a Chili's in years so I don't know when they stopped the practice, but I do remember it. Regarding the menu, the last time was there I thought the same thing about the food. Wish I could provide more updated info but I didn't want you to think you were crazy.

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            Thanks Mollygus...I WAS starting to think I was nuts and it has been a while since my last visit!,,

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              jarona, where do you live? Maybe it was a regional thing? I'm in southern NJ.

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                Used to live in the Princeton, NJ area! That could explain it!

          2. my niece took me to chili's in may, and those chips were great and the salsa was *fantastic* (this was in ocala, florida.).

            they charged for the chips and salsa, but as i recall it wasn't much. (just in northern virginia it is $4) i hadn't been to a chili's in years and years, so did not remember when they gave it gratis.

            but i tell you what, that salsa was worth every penny they charged. i wanted to buy a large container to take away, but they don't sell it like that. our server did give us a fresh refill of chips and salsa "to go," after our lunch.

            i wonder if all the chili's have the exact same salsa. i'll have to go try one soon. i liked my salad and we learned you can sort of mix and match, with maybe a different dressing than the one it comes with.