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Aug 21, 2013 03:58 PM

Best low carb meatloaf recipes?

It must be the onset of fall but I have a serious craving for meatloaf but keep a pretty low carb diet. I don't think I've had a comfort food style meatloaf in years and so only am familiar with mother's recipe which includes a lot of carbs. Does anyone have any favorite recipes for a low carb version?

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  1. fldhkybnva,

    you can use a fave recipe and sub out the breadcrumbs for a mix of good grated parmesan and crushed pork rinds, egg to bind as usual.

    1. Ditto what pinehurst said - crushed pork rinds are an excellent sub for bread crumbs. Finely shredded cabbage also helps add moisture and bulk with few carbs. A friend of mine who juices frequently says she uses the pulp leftover from juicing vegetables in meatloaf for the same effect.

      1. I use diced and sauteed mushrooms and/or finely grated zucchini. I skip the bread substitutions all together. I serve it with a cream sauce.

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          Do you have a recipe for your sauteed mushroom loaf?

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            I don't have recipes for anything. :) I'm a little-of-this,little-of-that kinda cook 99% of the time.

            If I had to guess, I'd add 8 oz (precooked weight,) of diced sauteed mushrooms to a pound of ground meat but I really do just go by look and feel. Not having a bread binder does make the loaf a little more delicate so you don't want to add too many mushrooms if you're concerned about how it will slice and don't want them to be too wet when you add them. Letting the meatloaf rest after taking it out of the oven helps it set up, too. I'm more worried about taste than I am perfect slices, though. You can always make a mushroom gravy to serve with it if you want to further bump up the mushroom taste (I know you're a mushroom lover, too.)

            1. re: weezieduzzit

              Great, I'm not really a recipe follower either but some estimates are often helpful. Thanks, I love mushrooms and the loaf doesn't have to be pretty :)

        2. I would probably just bulk up on some very finely chopped carrots, celery and onion. Maybe try wrapping it in bacon?

          You could probably make some mashed "potatoes" to go along with it by swapping out the potatoes for cauliflower.

          I thought pork rinds were made from flour or rice or something like that. The ones I usually see are just crispy rice chips with pork flavoring on them.

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          1. I think I'd work out a way to use the bread we get from Trader Joe's, their Flourless Sprouted Wheat. As the name implies it's almost all complex carbs except for the sugars in the honey and the date puree that holds it together. I think I'd try first just drying several slices on the warming tray or in the oven, reducing them to crumbs, and then proceeding, although I might use tomato sauce rather than ketchup because the bread is rather sweet. My meatloaf is equal parts ground beef and ground pork (usually a bit over a pound of each), about a cup and a half of crumbs, one finely-chopped onion, some chopped celery, salt and pepper, whatever dried herbs I'm in the mood for, then two eggs and not a lot of ketchup. If I'm emulating my mom I'll use a mixture of ketchup, prepared horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. What we're going for is a moist loaf but not a sloppy one; it should hold its shape. Mom always hand-kneaded it from the start, but I prefer to get it stirred up with a cooking fork to get an idea of how stiff or loose it's going to be, then go in with my hands to finish the job. Of course the last thing before putting it in the pan is to fry a blob and taste it for seasoning.

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            1. re: Will Owen

              Will --

              1. Do you pre-cook the onion and celery?

              2. Do you bake it as a mound or in a loaf pan?

              Note: Campbell's golden mushroom soup makes a good basis for meatloaf gravy.