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Aug 21, 2013 03:36 PM

Vietnamese Salt and Pepper Fish or Shrimp dish

Don't laugh, but we consumed these multiple times in Paris. Had a very light batter and no heavy greasy fried quality. If we don't have it in Houston, we will be bummed. Thanks for anyone that knows out there!

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  1. I am surprised you haven't found them in Houston. If memory serves me correctly Kim Son should have them. They may have other versions like crab or squid but I'm pretty sure they can also do shrimp or fish.

    1. A search on Yelp for salt and pepper shrimp turned up mentions in reviews of half a dozen places including Peking Cuisine which the reviewer says mislabels it salt baked shrimp. There may be other places mentioned if you search for salt and pepper fish.

      I haven't ever had the dish so I can't make any recommendations but Peking Cuisine is generally raved about by Hounds.

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        The salt baked shrimp at Peking Cuisine is delicious!

      2. Tan Tan has "Salt Toasted Shrimp", "Salt Toasted Dungeness Crab" and "Salt Toasted Soft Shelled Crab", and lately have had a "Salt Toasted Lobster" special.

        While I haven't had any of those, it's a good enough restaurant that I would recommend trying them based on the myriad dishes that I HAVE had.

        The original location is at Ranchester and Bellaire, but I go to the new place on Westheimer, just west of Voss.

        Here's a pic of the Lobster.

        1. You know, P.F. Chang's used to have THE BEST Salt and Pepper Shrimp, just as you describe, light and not greasy. But they took it off the menu in recent months, it was the only thing I ever ordered there. They change the menu a lot it seems, but I will miss that dish.